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Suggestion to Rebalance “The Ring”

TheElderScrolls10 - Suggestion to Rebalance "The Ring"

So I think most of the community is in consensus that the ring is favored over not having the ring (especially if you are an aggro player). It is not difficult, in the current meta, for one to snowball off of a good field lane start thanks to ring. So if the ring were to be changed, how can it be changed so that it truly feels like it doesn't matter if somebody starts or doesnt start with it? And for a long time I was stumped on how to properly do it. Just simply decrease the charge by one doesnt solve the inherent problem that the ring presents: getting firm control of the field lane immediately. So how can it be possible to fix it?

Well, the solution finally hit me: make the ring UNUSABLE on the player's first turn. I think this solution would work, and I kinda have two backing reasons/theories as to why.

1) One drops are overall underused and quickly become ineffective in alot of scenarios on curve. We should try to see more play for them.

Let's first discuss one drops that see the most play: Crown Quartermaster, Nord Firebrand, Morag Tong Aspirant, Relentless Raider, Iliac Sorcerer, Mudcrab Merchant are the biggest ones. Now, what does all of them have in common except Iliac Sorcerer? They fail to trade with heavily played 2 drops that are 2/3's or 2 powered wards (windkeep and wardcrafter for example), which I would argue are more common leads than played 3/2's. This means that the player who first puts out a two drop first is initially favored for field lane control. Currently, this person would be the one with the ring. And then the person with the ring proceeds to dictate combat from then onwards (they get to attack, while the other player has likely no chance to attack on those turns). This leads into cheap combat trick blowouts, like buffing a creature with scimitar, which starts the snowball effect.

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2) Two drops are historically more likely to be able to trade up (meaning 1-for-1 a creature that costs one mana more) or beat a three drop, than say a one drop into a two drop.

What do I mean by this? What I mean is that alot of staple 2 drops can and have beaten staple 3 drops in combat. Let's mention two prime examples for each cost: Traitor is a two drop that is 4/4, while Golden Initiate is a three drop that is 3/3. Both see tons of play, but combat favors Traitor here. Here is a different comparison, Bruma Profiteer, staple two drop 3/2, can trade with many staple three drops including Golden Initiate, Morkul Gatekeeper, Skaven Pyromancer, Mighty Ally, Camlorn Hero, unbuffed Manic Jack, Cunning Ally, Eastmarch Crusader, Resolute Ally, Astrid, Cornerclub Gambler, Brotherhood Slayer, Eldergleam Matron, Sanctuary Pet, Aundae Clan Sorcerer, Galyn, and Haunting Spirit. There are only a handful of staple three drops that survive combat from an attacking 3/2 basically: Mammoth, Dark Guardian, Gray Viper, Pit Lion (which cant even be played if you dont have a creature in both lanes, which is not uncommon if other player controls field lane thanks to good ring start), Daggerfall Mage, and Withered Hand Cultist. I think this early trade up is what favors the original ring even more.

My two points/theories are technically just one overall point/theory, but I still kind of wanted to separate it into two main bodies.

And thus ends my rant on what I think should be done about the ring and why.

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