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[Summary] Hi, I am that one person that reads the Terms of Service.

TheElderScrolls12 - [Summary] Hi, I am that one person that reads the Terms of Service.

Terms of Services changed and here is a list of both what they did and did not tell you, since most people are too lazy/busy to actually read and compare.

Here is what they did tell you, as quoted per the patch notes here

  • The TOS will now cover all ZeniMax games, rather than just ESO.
  • Any instance previously stating "used" is now "accessed, played, purchased, received, or used".
  • Added greater clarification of the differences between the Privacy Policy, EULA, and the TOS.
  • Added additional text specific to Japan, Turkey, Brazil, and UK players.
  • Added warnings relating to Virtual Reality.
  • Added additional clarifications for what the company is responsible for in regards to data privacy.
  • Updated the text for merchandise codes or redemptions to include Japanese virtual currency expiration laws and information for unlinking accounts.
  • Made clarifications regarding sharing game accounts.
  • Adjusted some text in the Free Trial section.
  • Re-wrote the section on Paid Services to include resellers.
  • Adjusted the text involving refunds and warranties.
  • Added additional clarifications relating to third party internet connections and hardware.
  • Updated sections involving the European dispute resolution and governing law for US residents versus external parties.

This is all true, I checked it and saw nothing out of the ordinary it is keep up with current laws, particularly specifying regions since it changes quite a bit.

What was not mentioned in the patch notes,

  • Start with the biggest one, You cannot class action lawsuit ZeniMax anymore ever, you agree to do Arbitration instead which is really expensive. Arbitration replaces the right to go to court. This applies to you if you are outside of EEA/UK/Switzerland/Australia/New Zealand/ Turkey/Japan/Brazil. You can opt out of this if you contact ZeniMax Media Inc, ~ line 372, to the attn of the legal department within 30 days of agreeing to these terms.
  • Anything you say or create is now considered user generated content (UGC). They added "other data", ~line 115, to pertain to anything you create. This is actually a good change because it protects you from all forms of media. The catch is if you send it to them or post in on their coms to them they own it.
  • Merchandise redemption codes are not transferable anymore
  • Subscriptions no longer exist they are now considered memberships for legal reason.
  • They added stronger wording saying that they can delete your account and you have no recourse, its just gone.
  • A lot of extra typo white space at the beginning and end of sentences, sometimes in the middle. (Thank you python3 white space tracker)
  • They turned off caps lock when typing a bunch of text.. not kidding
  • The changed the verbiage on user data collection what you can collect from other users, ~ line 280, from you cannot collection personally identifiable information to person data,, meaning any of your personal data. If a addon/mod collects your data it is now against terms of service.

Overall please it is not bad compared to a lot of other games or TOS actually. It added more personal data protection to you in trade for more legal protection for them.

I did this because it is right in front of you and you deserve to know. Terms of service agreement changes are not scary,,,, if you have notepad++, custom color theme, legal terms dictionary w/ laymans translations with pro/cons, a cached webpage, and a diff check (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, in fact I am more of an engineer,,

2hrs later done,,, *head desk*


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