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Greetings Traveler! Come, sit yourself by the fire, yes? Your company warms this ones heart like the flames' orange glow. This one is called Sewshi Rowle. A fine, and unusual name for Khajiit, no? This one thinks so as well. Only the finest, and most unususal Khajiit travel these lonely ash roads. Name is much better than N'wah or S'wit, yes? But please forgive, this one speaks too much!

A great many stories travel through these lands, burdening the spirits of those that carry them. As a fellow traveller, perhaps this one can help lighten your load?Or, perhaps this one has already head your tale before: The Tribunal Temple seek to wrest control from the Empire, but then they themselves opress and control the very people they wish to free from its rule. This one has heard this tale more times than he wishes.

There are also the ones about the wicked brutality of the Telvanni, Hulaalu, Dres, and other slavers that see fit to shackle and silence poor Khajiit. These stories always troubles this one the most.

Ah, but again, this one apologizes! This one cannot hold his toungue! So many troubles have this one taken from others, that he has burdened you with some of his own!

But what can be done? Vampire warriors plague these lands as well, and none of the five great houses seem to offer much better than a different flavor of the same venom.

Ah, but you noticed that this one chose his words carefully. Yes, this one speaks of the lost sixth house. Through dreams, this one has communed with the fallen Dagoth Ur, the unspeakable lord of red mountain.


Evil you say? Certainly, that is what the Tribunal would want you to think! Especially since it was they who betrayed Nerevar, not Dagoth Ur, for the control over Kagrenac's tools. This one should know: familiy legends handed down over generations suggest that this one's great ancestor was none other than the Nerevarine! But this one also knows that there are many other stories like it, so who can say for sure?

Ha HA! That question was a trick! Of course this one knows, and not just because family legend says so! Come, this one trusts you enough now: take a look into my satchel. Eh…Ignore that copy of 'Lusty Aragonian Maid,' this one was saving that for…later. No, unwrap that linen. You see it, yes? That, my friend, is an Elder Scroll. Even without reading, one can feel it's legendary power, yes? It is said that reading the scroll may cause blindness, madness or worse. But do not worry, this one does not seem mad, no?

Fine, this one admits: he could not resist, and has looked upon the scroll himself. The secrets held within are beyond my talents to describe: the scroll glows with strange blue runes before turning purples as they are read. Such a strange thing no? And such confusing and nonsensical words as well! Here, look: perhaps you can tell this one what you see:

sushi rowles dagoth singleton - Super Fun Dagoth Singleton

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