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Suspended from ESO for ERP in PRIVATE House

TheElderScrolls3 - Suspended from ESO for ERP in PRIVATE House

Earlier today at about 3:30 P.M.on discord I was invited by someone I've rped with before to have an RP in NA PC (on our handsome gay male khajiits) and knowing my experience with them it was of course going to be ERP (Erotic Roleplay) in the midst of our romantic roleplay at some point. I was already on but I hung out and for a half hour or longer we rped in their private house rather than one of my 20 private or affiliated private rp houses because they wanted me to come to theirs this time.

I was then suspended a few hours later with an entire log plus some highlights of my side of our roleplay. Including a variety of sexual references.


I have rped in private houses and romantically rped all over Tamriel and in many houses, in group, private, and even at other times local months and months back, though usually in isolated locations. This is the first time ERP has ever gotten me suspended but at a private house and one owned by someone that invited me?

That just seems insane. People ERP all over this game and I'm curious if anyone has ever heard of this happening before.

No response yet from Zenimax when I replied to the mail explaining so the holiday event is missed then, hopefully not for the 72 hours they planned to suspend me for. As well, I have other ERP's planned and other such things, including one with my gay male khajiit werewolf lover.

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