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So this is less of a talk about the actual werewolf skill line as right now it’s probably in a better place than it’s ever been in, and I’ve been playing a werewolf since I first got this game 5 years ago. This is more a general thing of ideas i had when taking into consideration stuff like the vampire skill line changes and just some other quality of life things I’d love to see added in for werewolf players in general:

1) rework of the werewolf model: One thing that always annoyed me about the werewolf form in eso is how short the player werewolves are, it’s partially because they’re hunched over a lot but it’s also just in general no matter your race you turn into a smaller character model when in werewolf form and I don’t think this should be the case, as next to the newer stuff like bone colossus and blood scion ults it leaves werewolves looking rather unimpressive. I’d say this is easy to fix as it could likely be fixed by making the existing model larger, not large enough to be a werewolf colossus but large enough to be on par with the likes of the enemy werewolves encountered in places like camlorn, as they are larger than what the player can turn into.

2) hircine shrine furnishing: this is more of a change that I’d like to see for an expensive furnishing. I would like to see the hircine shrine we can buy for our homes function like the open world werewolf shrines in halting timers while in a certain proximity to them. This isn’t really any major feature but I just think it adds some practicality to an already expensive furnishing and I’m always down for that


3) werewolf emotes: these used to be a thing but come greymoor they no longer are. Some of you may not be aware but you used to be able to play dead and crouch on all fours via the relevant emote in werewolf form. I’d love to see these return along with some other poses we see NPC werewolves doing in game (primary one that springs to mind is the hunched crouch songdamir does in the hunting grounds, or the howl animation we ourselves trigger in that same mission after killing whatever beast spawns)

4) possible skins in beast form: this id love to see and would add some customization into the game for the ult. I think that in a very similar way to how the warden bear ult May use a skin if the player has the morrowind collectors edition, werewolves could be able to use the same. Depending on how complex they wanted to go with it, this could just mean differing fur and eye colors for the morphs (brown, white, black, maybe even grey?) but eventually this could even turn into applying other were creatures onto this ultimate such as a werebear skin (within reason, as some were creatures in tamriel wouldn’t translate well with this idea) as I know many people would love to have this opportunity.

This is just my 2 cents on the topic, but I’d love to hear what you guys have to offer as well.

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