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Tamerial Provinces if They Were Real Counties

TheElderScrolls2 - Tamerial Provinces if They Were Real Counties

I've always wondered what the provinces of Tamerial would be if they were real countries. So, after some research, I figured these provinces would be these countries:

Skyrim- I understand this is based off ancient Scandinavia as far as geography and climate are concerned, but the Nords kinda resemble (and act) like Modern Day North Americans. Skyrim underwent a civil war, much like North America did, the Nords practically hate everyone who isn't a Nord (similar attitudes of modern North Americans), and Nords take great pride in their culture and see themselves as strong independent people who don't need the Empire. You see the pattern? So, I'd put Skyrim as a hybrid between North America and Scandinavia. NA for its culture and people, and Scandinavia for it's geography and climate.

Hammerfell- I wanna say Hammerfell is a cross between Africa, Australia and the Middle East. Because it has a warm climate and it's home to the largest desert in Tamerial, it has very rocky terrain, and Redguards resemble modern day native Africans. I'm confident that Hammerfell would be somewhere between these countries.

Summerset Isles- Considering the Summerset Isles are located off the coast of Tamerial itself, I'd say this would be Japan. Because, like Japan, it's located off the coast of the nearest landmass, is home to cherry blossom trees, much like Japan. As much as I'd like to compare the High Elves to native Japanese, I simply can't. The only thing they share is their xenophobia. Modern day Japan is probably one of the most xenophobic countries in the world, and considering how High Elves hate everything that isn't an Elf I'd say they both share that quality. So Summerset Isles is Japan.

Cyriodiil- This is a difficult one. From what I've analyzed about Imperials, their names have a ring of Italian to them, and their naturally tan skin complexion, seen around the Mediterranean reigion, but they seem to have a culture similar to Medieval England, with some fantasy liberties. This is a hard one. I want to say a cross between Renessance Italy and Medieval England. I may have it wrong.


Valenwood- Since Valenwood is mostly forest, and when I imagine Valenwood I think of those massive Redwood(?) trees, with some rain forest aesthetics. If I had to choose, it would either be the jungles of South America, or the Amazon.

Elsweyr- This one is a little tricky. Elsweyr is known to have both deserts and jungles, and the voice of the Khajiit is supposed to be a hybrid between Arabic and Indian. I wanna say a cross between maybe South America and the Middle East.

High Rock- Ok, now these last few are going to be very tricky. Due to how fantasy they are, it's gonna be hard to pin down exactly where they could be. High Rock is one I'm having trouble with. Its a rocky reigion, so maybe the Middle East? This is a hard one. Some help would suffice.

Black Marsh- Again, another difficult one. Since there aren't exactly large expanses with just swamp Black Marsh is gonna be hard to find a real life counterpart. The closest thing may be the island of Borneo, not far from the island of Indonesia. Mostly jungles and maybe swamps, so Borneo may be thr closest thing to Black Marsh. Some help will do.

Morrowind- Probably the hardest one since it's very fantasy. Large fungie plants, mostly ashy terrain. I'd say Morrowind could be a whole other planet in and of itself. I can't think of a real life counter part to Morrowind. Unless giant fungal life exists somewhere on Earth that I don't know about, let me know. But I think Morrowind could be another planet.

Tell me what you think and help me out with those last few. Thanks.

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