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Tank: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

TheElderScrolls14 - Tank: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

In other words – «real», selfish and fun.

So the question is – can tanks be not about group support (selfish)? Can they be fun?

Here are my thoughts on this. Nothing really special or groundbreaking, just some stuff I got to say.

1) If we’re talking vet trials – NO. Tanks must be all about boring meta and group support 100%. Maybe sometime you need one selfish set. But forget about cheeky Frozen Watcher and alike. Btw I’ve never tanked a trial, so if I’m saying something wrong, let me know.

2) In any other cases – YES. Have fun, be selfish as hell, provide some group support. Do as you want, why not?

Throughout my 2 months journey of tanking all dungeons in the game I was wearing 2 group support sets (Ebon, Akaviri) and 2 selfish sets (Leeching, Plague) + pretty selfish 1 piece Chudan 1 piece Lord Warden. And with these sets I was able to tank all the stuff on vet.

And if you’re new to tanking I recommend you to try some selfish and non-selfish sets while progressing through dungeons. To know what you can do with or without them. And also to find out how comfortable you’re in one or another set in different game situations. Also while doing dungeons don’t forget about fun sets and don’t dive into meta blindly. Try some fun tanking options and skills as well.


So after tanking all vet dungeons with a couple of sets something interesting happened to me. Firstly, I started to notice that I’d rather prefer group support sets over selfish sets. And even more, it became more fun to me to use let’s say Thurvokun and Yolnahkriin (haven’t used Yolo yet, need 2 more pieces to farm) than Chudan and Plague for example. Because this is what I like about tanking. Stacking shit, debuffing it, buffing and healing my mates, helping them as much as I can while trying not to die to some big ass Ogre’s or boss’ oneshot.

So yeah, if tanking is your thing then over some time you will notice that you will be using decent group support sets over selfish because it will actually become more fun to you as well.

And about fun sets – Frozen Watcher, Leeching Plate (which is also selfish set) and some others. I don’t think using them is a crime. If you have pretty strong group or if you’re feeling cute or maybe doing pledges – it’s definitely a go to for me in many situations.

Fun fact – my favorite tanking set in the game for now is Akaviri Dragonguard (tanked all the stuff with it and never swapped it), because it’s a nice, budget group support set and also very fun set to use, because with a Nord you get pretty impressive ult generation and can «spam» horns and stuff.

Once again, nothing really important here, just some things I wanted to say. Cheers.

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