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Tanking guide for veteran Scalecaller Peak

TheElderScrolls2 - Tanking guide for veteran Scalecaller Peak

I know that there's a bunch of guides out about SCP, but they mostly describe general mechanics and don't cover how to survive them (at least not in detail).

This is a hard dungeon if you never done it before, and it's especially hard for the tank. I've seen so many new tanks queue up, get beat up multiple times in a row by Orzun and Rinaerus after which they quit and the team usually disbands. And that happens even if they read up on mechanics beforehand or people explain it to them. If people have never tanked this before they have no idea how to survive oneshots, how to time everything, how to look for subtle hints something is about to happen,… That is why I've decided to write this guide which is not really a guide, just some tips other guides are missing .

If you are playing a tank then take SPC as a skill test – if you are good you can hard carry the rest of the team, much more so than in majority of DLC dungeons.

Your team needs to be somewhat decent too, though. Minimum that you should expect from them:

  • DPS: 20k+
  • healer: it's hard to see when healer is doing well, but it's easy to see when he isn't. As a bare minimum he should have healing sets/skills AND a way to burst heal through ice stage on final boss (this is especially important as you don't want to get to last boss and they not be able to kill it. If healer is templar then stuff like Rite of Passage, Healing Ritual etc can be used. I haven't played other classes as a healer so if you're not templar you'll have to figure it out yourself)

What you should have:

Ebon + Plague Doctor + a good monster set (Lord Warden, Stonekeeper,…). After Ebon you don't need any group utility. Most mechanics are going to be focused on you and you NEED to survive them. Go full selfish mode. Only after you've learned mechanics should you go more supportive role. You should have almost max resists, 45k+ HP and a way to regen magicka (atronach mundus, magicka regen glyphs on jewelery, take spell symetry,… you don't need all of that, just a decent way to get magicka back). You should also be a Dragonknight because Magma Shell is very nice to have when you're learning this.

Just so we're clear – this is a guide on how to survive the dungeon, not how to do it optimally. That's why you're going to be playing super selfish and mostly blocking through boss fights, using selfish sets and generally just soak up damage. Some guides might advise you to rolldodge heavy attacks, especially on 1st and 2nd boss. You don't need to do that with the build mentioned above – you can facetank all of that with just block+shield spam and you have less of a chance of fucking up this way. Any time you're low on resources use Magma Shell.

So now we'll go through bosses.

Orzun the Foul-Smelling and Rinaerus the Rancid

Start the fight by range taunting both bosses, stand at the edge of the arena and just block.

IMPORTANT PART HERE: Shortly after, yellow circles are going to spawn on the ground. That means that the iceball oneshot mechanic is going to happen soon. When Orzun stops attacking you and just stands still/puts arms in the ground that means ice ball is going to come. Start running towards the closest yellow circle and on your way range taunt Orzun again, otherwise he might start attacking your teammates when you're frozen. Try to not run into yellow circles next to ranged boss as you want to keep them both apart, unless you don't have any other choice.


This part is what kills most of the new tanks. You need to start running to yellow circle before ice ball spawns on you or you have a high chance of getting oneshot.

Other than that, this fight is nothing special. Keep them apart, make sure you have decent resources at all point of the fight and let dps kill them.

One other mechanic worth mentioning is skeever summoning that ranged boss does. Healer should interrupt him with Crushing Shock (a ranged interrupt ability). Even if they spawn they're manageable, they do a lot of damage to DPS though and they're annoying so it's better if they don't spawn.

Doylemish Ironheart

Taunt him, block and avoid laser beams. That's it. When he's summining adds etc you can heavy attack to regain resources. Tank him next to the door where he spawns. When adds spawn you can use Talons. If the ball starts following you rolldodge away from it 1 or 2 times and you're good to go. Then just kite it while range taunting boss. Keep in mind though – this boss hits like a giant truck. If you drop block when he does heavy attack he can oneshot you. But with your build you can actually survive a heavy attack to the face without blocking if you're full hp (but I don't recommend doing that)

Matriarch Aldis

Best way to do this boss is to straight up burn it. In this video I found of a group doing Scalecaller peak (

) at 6:53 you can see 3 ice pads at the entrance to the boss's arena. Tank should stand on the one closest to boss. DPS + healer on the middle one. Tank range taunts boss, boss jumps to you, you turn it around from group. Then you burn her as much as you can. Easy.

Plague Concoter Mortieu

You should start with tanking the boss next to his original location as you can get a good view of all the vents this way. Other than that, make sure you look at vents at all times. Also, when your group gets an antidote Mortieu's guard is going to spawn and you NEED to taunt it as it will oneshot everyone else. DPS should focus him hard.

Another mechanic worth mentioning is that Mortieu is going to charge his bow and shoot friendly NPC which will delay antidote spawn. This in interruptable, healer should do it.

Zaan the Scalecaller

This fight is pretty well explained in other guides. A couple of tricks: you can survive the fire chain on your own with full hp (without anyone blocking) if you use Magma Shell beforehand. Try tanking the boss close to dragon statue. That will let you dodge the poison more easily. Use Code's Combat Alerts addon to inform you where and when poison is going to shoot. Remember that every time after ice phase a shield will drop so actively search for it.

Hope this helps anyone 🙂

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