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Teaser : 2021 zone

TheElderScrolls12 - Teaser : 2021 zone

The first CGI teaser / trailer for Chapter of the Year 2021 therefore arrived late on the night of Thursday December 10 to Friday December 11, 2020 during The Game Awards 2020 ceremony.

I thought of a bosmer who would be our ally, and well it is now confirmed. Some will have recognized it … Eveli Sharp-Arrow will therefore be back for this new adventure.

Between Investigator Vale and Lyris, we finally understood that the plot would revolve around Skingrad. Other theories evoke the important place that ghosts play or more lore will play around Rislav Larich or the Potentate Akavirois.

However … The first scene of this trailer leaves me skeptical about Skingrad and Colovia … We see an Argonian accompanying Eveli then her dream: we are in the Black Marsh (trees, vegetation in general …) , which is confirmed a little more when one enters a ruin with a typical Argonian building before finally entering the Deadland to see Eveli there facing Mehrunes Dagon.


A strong Argonian presence … And this first scene … Is it really the Stride river and Skingrad at the back? Located between the Colovian highlands (left) and Hammerfell (right)? It is possible, but I cannot be convinced.

In TES IV (viewing distance is quite poor … You can barely make out Skingrad in the background), this view looks more or less similar over the Strid River when looking east.

So maybe the Brena River with Sutch? I doubt. No. It makes me especially think of the Niben with Leyawiin in the background … We can see the chapel oriented in the same way under the same angle in TES IV. The river seems to cross the city and one distinguishes another construction on the left which could be the castle.

So … Lyris lied to us? It is still too early to tell … Who knows, the adventure will lead us to Leyawiin at the end of the year … where the threat seems to come from. So far there has never been an error about the upcoming destination in the final dialogs :

Morrowind – Vivec : "Clockwork City" > Clockwork City – Sotha Sil : "Summerset Isles" > Summerset – Razum Daz : "return to home" > Elsweyr – Abnur Tharn : "Pellitine" > Dragonhold (South of Elsweyr) – Cadwell : "Solitude" > Greymoor (Western Skyrim) – Fridelja : "Reach" > Markarth – Lyris Titanborn : "Skingrad" > …

The threat coming from the Black Marsh, will we then have Colovia in Q2 and finally Blackwood in Q4 to finish ?

In short … We will know a lot more on January 21, 2021.

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