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TES 6 Dark Brotherhood story line idea (feel free to tweak in the comments and add your own twist if you think it is a bad idea, or it sucks)

TheElderScrolls13 - TES 6 Dark Brotherhood story line idea (feel free to tweak in the comments and add your own twist if you think it is a bad idea, or it sucks)

I know, I know, people are sick of the Dark Brotherhood, after four games of playing as them, and them being slightly different each game. In ESO, they seem to be at their peak. In Oblivion, they seem to be on a slow decline, and in Legends, you cripple them to the point that they are broken, which is why the Skyrim branch is the way it is in TES Skyrim. But I have an idea for a creative story line. But Bethesda won't see this and even if they do, the lead writer Emil Pagliarulo thinks the player base is stupid and dumb, so therefore K.I.S.S Keep it simple stupid, so my hopes of them making a good DB quest line is in the toilet, if so, they are better off just making a new assassin guild to join, but anyway, here is my quest line idea.

  1. The DB, against all odds makes a come back, starting off in Skyrim, then branching off in High Rock, and Hammerfell, and Bruma. The death of Titus Mede II and the fame they acquired makes their membership swell. They even get a new Listener, and also reform the Black Hand, after the former Listener in TES Skyrim "retired" or "disappeared." Nazir is on the Black Hand, and Babbette could be a silencer, or Speaker as well. Cicero could also be a silencer for either Nazir or Babbette. Though, to prevent "Child murder" in TES 6, I do not think Bethesda will bring back children in future games, because of all the Child killing mods. So it might be best to keep Babbette, the vampire child in charge of the Dawnstar sanctuary, with Cicero being her silencer, or the Listener's Silencer. Nazir could recruit you into the Dark Brotherhood like Lucien did in Oblivion, and Teranus did in ESO, if the game takes place in Hammerfell, like we think (Redfall). I'd actually be really excited to see Nazir again, and see how much he's grown as a Dark Brotherhood assassin. He's also got a badass voice actor. The guy who voiced Three Dog in Fallout 3, did Nazir's voice. He also did a narrative voice for a real life Scientific NASA documentary about Neutron Stars/Pulsars. Plus, if the game is in Hammerfell, it'd be a missed opportunity to not bring Nazir back.
  2. The quest line will be more than just assassinating people. It will be a full blown Shadow War taking place in the darkness. Other illegal Order of Assassins have noticed the Dark Brotherhood coming back, and having taken an interests in them. The Empire also reeling from the death of Titus Mede II, has Penitus Oculatus agents planted in both the Dark Brotherhood, and other criminal organizations that ally and oppose the DB. But that's not enough. The Thalmor, always trying to get the upper hand over the Empire, and have spies EVERYWHERE have also planted their own agent within the Dark Brotherhood to sway the DB to assassinate more Imperial Officials, for they know the DB was responsible for the death of Titus Mede II. The Thalmor themselves also targeted the DB during the First Great War with the Empire, as it is stated in both Skyrim and Legends, that both warring factions put big bounties on Dark Brotherhood assassins. So the DB was caught in a crossfire during the Great War, which contributed to their decline in TES Legends.
  3. So we have a Penitus Oculatus, and Thalmor sleeper agent who has infiltrated the DB, who not only want to see the Dark Brotherhood fall, or use them as a political weapon, but also oppose each other too, and trying to find the identity of the other spy, on top of the fact that the DB is fighting a Shadow War with another rogue Assassin guild.
  4. Think that's enough? No. Throw a Blades agent in there too. Have a Blades agent infiltrated the Dark Brotherhood too. The Blades Agent has found out the identity of the Thalmor spy. The Dark Brotherhood leadership at large KNOWS there are traitors amongst them in the sanctuary, but do not know who the traitors work for, or if they oppose each other themselves, or work for the rival Assassin Guild native to Hammerfell.
  5. The Penitus Occulatus agent discovers the identity of the Blades agent, both spies inform their organizations of the Dark Brotherhood's plans, the rivalry between another Assassin Guild, and the presence of a rival Thalmor spy also working inside the Dark Brotherhood.
  6. Contracts will involve killing Redguard native officials, Imperial diplomats, Imperial agents, Imperial officials, Thalmor agents, Thalmor diplomats, and Thalmor officials, the Thalmor spy can even give you a contract on a Talos Cult leader with ties to the Blades, or a Blades Agent in hiding, or even a Redguard local who possess a high threat to the Thalmor's goals. There will of course, also be contracts on normal civilians, and rival members from the other Assassin Guild.
  7. Towards the end of the quest line, lack of evidence or gameplay mechanic will prevent you from actually killing all three spies. But you can keep one alive by choosing what evidence to bring forth. The Dark Brotherhood leadership will call forth the Wrath of Sithis to kill the other two spies as they stand in judgement. By the end of the quest line, all three spies would be aware of the others' existence.
  8. The other Assassin Guild can get killed by the player or a DB raid on their sanctuary, only to find out they too had Thalmor, Penitus, and Blades spies working for them. The whole "enemy of my enemy, of my enemy is still my enemy but my friend too." and "with spies like us" going on.

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