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TES 6: Setting Speculation

TheElderScrolls9 - TES 6: Setting Speculation

Given the teaser we received from Bethesda, it’s heatedly narrowed down our possible locations, and I’ve watched several videos analyzing it.

So here are the regions (based on trailer visuals) it’s definitely not: – Morrowind – Skyrim – Blackmarsh – Elsewhere – Cyrodiil – Summerset – Valenwood

Here are the regions (based on other factors) it’s definitely not: – Akavir (Seriously, I don’t know why people even think this is possible. Bethesda has not even finished the entirety of Tamriel (do not say ESO, that’s Zenimax Online, not Bethesda.), so why would they even consider expanding outside? Not to mention the lore and setting of Akavir is just really vague and unfamiliar, they need to be able to pull in casual players as well.) – Any other continent/realm/region besides Tamriel (Same reasons as Akavir) – Any region that was a recent setting for an elder scrolls game. I.e. Skyrim, Solstiem, Morrowind, Cyrodiil.


Likely Locations (based upon visuals from teaser and lore reasoning): – High Rock (Most Likely) – Hammerfell (Less Likely) – Both (Somewhat Likely?)

In my honest opinion (and wishful thinking), I’d speculate that TES 6 will definitely be massive, Likely the first TES game to span more then one province in the base-game setting. I think it’ll be set in High Rock, Hammerfell, Wrothgar, and Possibly Craglorn. I linked a map with the general area of said regions.

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