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TES6 Potential Settlement System (Morrowind Stronghold)

TheElderScrolls2 - TES6 Potential Settlement System (Morrowind Stronghold)

I've a supporter of TES6 having an improved Workshop system but not a Settlement system for a while. So, the option of building your house, but not a dozen other houses for strangers, and having to ready their gardens and stuff for them.
But I've been playing a lot of Morrowind recently, and as I was walking around my Stronghold an idea struck me.

So let's say TES6 has a guild (or guilds) sort of reminiscent of the Great Houses; a guild with great power and standing in the region. You work you way up until you have a position of some power and buy a plot of land. You build (or pay to have built, if you don't like the Workshop) a house. That much of the Workshop, I hope will be in the game period: the ability to build your own house in various styles and decorate it how you want, or to pay some Steward to hire people to build and decorate it for you.
The iffy part comes next.
You hire someone to help keep the place while you're gone, or a bard, or set up a mine nearby. Those people need places to stay. You build, or have built, smaller houses for them on your property. Now, you have a stronghold like in Morrowind. But you can go further. Once you reach a place of high power (Councilor, or the like), you can have more servants, a little plantation, more people will want to visit you or set up shop; you can expand into, if you'd like, a little town. But you don't have to maintain it! Of course not; you're a busy person, you don't have the time. You'll tell them where they can build, maybe you'll help build, but no Fallout 4 style micromanagement (kind of like Sim Settlements?); they take care of it themselves. Afterall, that's what they were hired for in the first place!


Thus you had a house expand into a stronghold and then into a town. But any Workshop system would be totally, or at least mostly, optional (along with the entire process; you can keep a single house if you'd like!). And there'd only be a handful in the entire world; certainly not over 20.
(And, I guess, if they want to have that one, large player-built settlement, maybe something akin to Raven Rock in Bloodmoon with an entirely optional questline where you help build it; perhaps, since you're helping with that, people that would otherwise be needed there can do other jobs, so you'll get higher rewards for any quests done in the completed town, and of course you'd get to customize it if you do this questline rather than it being this one way every time.)

What do you think of this? Any improvements to the plan? Totally despise even the mentioning of a Workshop (actually if that's true, please don't comment, I guess)?

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