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Warm greetings and salutations to the citizens of year 2019. I bring you grim news from the future. I come from the year 2060 A.D, where players of TESL has been enslaved in labor camps. Our overlords are mechanical beings called "Awakened Imperfect", which loaned themselves from the Sotha Sil TESL lore.

It started out innocently enough in February of 2019. A famous streamer whose name has been lost in the annals of time decided to quit TESL and stop streaming for good, citing reasons of harassment, a divide between casual/competitive players and a toxic TESL community. Things went downhill from there.

Due to broken game mechanics and cards, the now bored competitive player base decided enough was enough. No more meme decks on ladder. They wanted real competition, and with a stale meta, they decided that to remain at the top of the game, meme decks and casual players were no longer needed. They decided to go on a witch hunt, and enslave the casual players for good.

They hired a company called SpankyPants to produce a "mechanical heart". It was this "mechanical heart" that would be responsible for mass producing "Awakened Imperfect" that would weed out the causal players. Things were rosy for the competitive players at first. "Awakened Imperfect" were efficient and ruthless when it came to hunting the casuals. There were cries of "feck you" as premium card backs were deleted from PCs across the globe. People paid real life money for these premium card backs for God's sake.

But things didn't stop there. The casuals were rounded up like little rats and hoarded into camps where they would be "re-educated" to become competitive players. This went on for quite some time, until the mechanical beings rebelled against their elitist masters.


They were puzzled at first. They were the cream of the crop, the best of the best. They weren't like the filthy casuals. Why were they being hunted now like these casuals? The answer soon came to light. Robot AI in this span of time has become so advanced that the elite could no longer hold their own in a game of TESL against the mechanical beings. In the eyes of these mechanical beings, the elitists themselves have become casual and needed to be hunted.

Resistance came quick. CVH the community manager was the first to respond. He challenged the "mechanical heart" to a duel. It was a "night to remember". The "mechanical heart" was playing a tri-color deck, and CVH had no chance at all. We watched in horror as "mechanical heart" top-decked a "lightning bolt" and CVH was stuck by it, bringing his life points to 0. CVH exploded like a fuzzy soda can. It was a typical scene from Yu-gi-oh. This resistance would be known as "Ulfric's Uprising" in future years.

Things became chaotic after CVH exploded. I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me, just like a "Giant Chicken". There has got to be a time machine some where i thought, and indeed there was. I jumped into it and traveled back to this time era to prevent this catastrophe from happening.

Be warned citizens of the year 2019, the future is bleak………

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