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TESO Beware of a player named Skykroll (@TankZeus)

TheElderScrolls6 - TESO Beware of a player named Skykroll (@TankZeus)

This powerful fella will kick you from random dungeon groups if you are not healing his bleeding ars with Healing Spring!

Please bear with my poor English and tale-telling, here comes the full story.

1st encounter:

About a week ago, my real-life friends (DDs) and I (Healer) queued for veteran Wayrest Sewers II, that’s where and when we grouped the mighty tank – Skykroll.

My friends and I are casual players, we don’t do large group raids, but we have the experience and skills to vanquish any veteran dungeons, including the DLC ones (not the latest two, we don’t have time to do that yet).

So, in his shining armor, Skykroll started pulling. But right after we cleared the first group of mobs, he started lecturing us, saying DDs were not supposed to do this and that and the healer was supposed to heal him with Healing Spring.

We ignored him. In Japan, people respect each other, we don’t lecture a stranger for no reason, or telling them you are doing your job the way even they are totally fine. It’s like a sign of showing off your knowledge, bad thing, not respectful. So when it comes to ESO, we don’t mind what build you play as long as you are having fun and are getting the jobs done.

In the heat of battle during the following fights before the first boss, the tank was constantly typing, “taunting” his own group, resulting the mobs chasing the rest of us. Luckily, it was a non DLC dungeon and the deeps were good, so the mobs were killed fast.

Before the first boss, Malubeth the Scourger, the tank insisted me to use Healing Spring once again, and I pretended I didn’t read that for maybe the 5th time. And during the fight, I pulled out my backup weapon, an Inferno Staff, to help with clearing the ghost adds. That was the moment that he stopped doing his job and started typing and typing, just to call me a “FAKE HEALER with a fire staff”.

The boss was down, no one suffered death during the battle. But then, my friends told me a vote to kick me was initiated. They denied it of course, but another one came…

We didn’t want to be assholes and didn’t bother to kick this guy. We moved on. But once again, he mentioned Healing Spring… That’s when I unleashed my temper and yelled “Stop being a crying baby, let’s just finish the dungeon and hopefully you and I will never be in the same group again!” Probably the words hurt his pride or something, he stopped taunting again and started well… not typing this time but linking his fancy dungeon achievements in the chat, probably trying to show us that he is the Jarl, and we the lowlifes should obey him without no question…

Once again, we ignored him, and moved on. He tried to kick me from the group a few times more. After the final boss was down, he left the group without saying nothing, probably ashamed about the fact that we can do it as smoothly without his “helpful” suggestion, without Healing Spring.


2rd encounter:

About 2 days ago, I joined a group for veteran Crypt of Hearts II. There I found the mighty Skykroll being the tank of my group…

You may wonder why I still remember the name. To be honest, I remember people who left me with good impressions, and the ones with extremely bad impressions, not to mention this one is on my blocklist.

I pretended that I didn’t know him, and just wanted to get the dungeon done ASAP.

We cleared the first two bosses smoothly, no one suffered death. But one thing came to my mind is that the group, including the tank, was taking heavy damage, simply because they were standing in red circles… Yet as a Nightblade healer, I have Strife and Regeneration as my HOTs, Combat Prayer as my AOE heal and a source of Minor Berserk for the group (which I believe is much better than Healing Spring for none DLC dungeons), and I have my Malevolent Offering and Soul Shred as my burst healing, and skills like Necrotic Orb (which they barely use, so I stopped casting it at some point), Wall of Elements, Mark Target, and Path of Darkness for supporting and damage, it was close, but still, no one got killed.

However, right after the 2rd boss, our Skykroll started his “Healing Spring” talking again. I don’t know if he recognized me or not, probably he does that to every healer who doesn’t use Healing Spring in easy dungeons. I simply said “Stop teaching people what to do.”, well I didn’t say the second half of the sentence, “not even Healing Spring can help you if you park your bleeding ars in the red circle”, because I respect the other two players and didn’t want to start the flame. But one of the DDs, named Kazeera (@Akazaera) started flaming on me already, chance is he is an adoring fan of our mighty Skykoll’s, he said “If you want no comment from others, go back to your Skyrim, go back to single player” and something much worse.

I remained silent, thinking there’s nothing worth to be argued about, the topic of “Healing Spring” was simply a nuisance. But surprise me! I got removed from the group in the next few minutes!! My guess is either the other two DDs are housecarls of our Jarl Skykroll, or, they were annoyed by his non-stopping kick votes, just like what he did the last time!

What an unrespectful piece of squish ars!

Thank you for reading. If you ever met a tank named Skykroll, remember to heal his bleeding ars with your Healing Spring. Guys, I’m not joking, you’ll be kicked if you don’t do that.

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