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TESVI Enchanting: The good parts from the last few games.

TheElderScrolls5 - TESVI Enchanting: The good parts from the last few games.

What are everyone's thoughts on enchanting in TESVI? I'd like to see an amalgamation of the best parts of the last few systems (a lot of it coming from morrowind).

A primer for those who aren't familiar:

Morrowind: Enchanting lets you place a spell that you know on a piece of equipment. You decide if it's a constant effect, on-strike, or on-use. You choose duration, magnitude, range, and if it's on-use you choose a target (on-self, touch-attack, or projectile). You can add as many spell effects as you wish. Items have different enchantment capacities based on their quality, and more powerful effects use up more capacity, and the strength of the soul used provides the charge pool for the enchantment with a minimum amount of charge required to make constant effect enchantments. There is a failure chance to create the enchantment based on your skill and the strength of the enchantment.

Oblivion: works similarly to Morrowind. No enchantment capacity on items. You can put the same enchantment on a copper ring that you can on gold. Also don't think you can fail, but there is a gold cost associate with the creation process. You can also enchant with sigil stones which effectively contain their own enchantment effects instead of pulling from your spells.

Skyrim: enchantments aren't based on the spells you know but the enchantments you extract from gear you find. No enchantment capacity based on items quality and no ability to imbue enchantments based on spells you know. Limited to on-strike and constant effect.

Here are the elements I like and would like to see in VI.

  • I'd like to see enchantment capacity return. It provides a reason to continue enchanting throughout your playthrough as better gear with higher capacities are found as you play. It also provides synergy with any crafting skills they may include.

  • Enchantment success/failure would be nice. We could bring back the ability to add any number of effects at any level of power to your enchantment. The more complex and powerful the enchantment the less likely you are to succeed based on skill level, and the maximum charge of the soul you are using also presents a limiting factor.

  • I'd like to see on-use come back and as an extension, a broader range of enchantable items (maybe everything?). You could enchant a piece of paper with on-use in morrowind, allowing you to craft scrolls. You could also enchant staves, which were an underused and underpowered piece of gear in skyrim.

  • I'd like enchanting with spells you know to come back. It provides synergy with the spell school skills, the more you learn the more options you have.

  • Disenchantment could be expanded. It was a cool feature, as it allowed enchanters to create powerful gear without being versed in the spell schools (a fighter could dump points in fighter skills and still make good enchanted gear to compliment). I propose changing disenchantment to require soul gems. You can choose to pull the effect into a soul gem, leaving you with a mundane item and a soul gem that contains the enchantment effect. You can also choose to forego the effect and just pull out the raw soul energy, filling a soul gem. This way, again, there is utility for the entire playthrough instead of it no longer being useful after you've gathered most of the enchantments. You can pull out enchantments and use those soul gems (which now function like sigil stones from oblivion) in conjunction with normal soul gems to enchant gear without knowing spells (or enchantment effects that have no corresponding spell), and if you have no use for the enchantment you can fill a soul gem instead. Maybe at a loss since you wouldn't want to infinitely loop enchanting and disenchanting.

I'd like an improved disenchantment system from skyrim combined with the flexibility and synergy of morrowind, with a dash of oblivions sigil stone mechanics to compliment disenchanting.


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