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Thank you to all the wholesome players…

TheElderScrolls8 - Thank you to all the wholesome players...

thank you to the Tank that is patient with the new DPS and Healer

Thank you to the DPS that makes the beginner Healer and tanks life easier

Thank you to the healer that keeps up with the new DPS and help the inexperienced tank take those extra punches.

Thank you to the guilds that help beginners get to trials.

Thank you to the crafters that help those that need that gear.

Thank you to the players that re group in dungeons over and over again just so one random player can get that god damn pesky drop.

Thank you to the player that shares a quest to a struggling player.

Thank you to the bored folk that jump into chat to help take down that monster.

Thank you to that gamer that will talk for hours about what skills, gear and best builds you may need to the random small group when they could be playing in trials.

Thank you to every single ESO player that understands and has the love of the game to share all their built up experiences and make this game one to play just because of the community and just as great as the game is, it's the players, the great players that make this game what it is.

the kicking over mechanics is really common and it isn't a you problem. The abuse you get Coming in last in a battlegrounds isn't your fault Getting wooped over and over again in PvP is part of the Learning curve all the mistakes you the beginner make are what we have all gone through

When we long term experienced players started we also got kicked and abused I was in a guild when I first started and said repeatedly I didn't know the mechanics and can someone go through the mechanics, instead of helping they just kicked. It's why we always go against the grain and help as many people as possible. Because we don't want people to have a bad time we don't want others to feel alienated or upset, we want beginners to love this game as much as we do and that long learning curve can be off putting enough without these toxic inept neckbeard.


I was doing battle grounds the other day and there was a dude sounded around the age of 30+ (my age) and was screaming and shouting because we were in last place, the sad thing is his performance was terrible, we just started rolling our eyes laughing at this manchild. people are just socially inept. This is BG which is mostly the average player that's after their daily Those grouping in vet dungeons are just after their gear sets or trying to learn and gain more player experience. It's sad that people forget they also started off as a beginner and it needs the experienced to help the beginners not to alienate them and be toxic.

Why I like eso is as much as their are toxic ppl that think they are good players there are many kind, generous helpful people on eso and these are the people that stop beginners alienating the game and that kindness is passed on to others and as that kindness and patience shows it stops the toxic being over saturated and reduces them breeding.

So as an old school player thank you for being amazing people and making this game have one of the best communities and it is reddit subs like this that help those people that are struggling or the experienced player that is after quick information they may have forgotten, we all started as the noob so if you are just starting out remember we have all done the same mistakes you have and met those idiots that think they are amazing but help is all around eso if you ask for the help.

Thank you to all of the community

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