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The 2 current problems

TheElderScrolls10 - The 2 current problems

This isn't a post to talk about the invade combo, it is of course 1 of the 2 problems but instead I want to focus on the 1st one.

That is invade-the mechanic, not invade-the combo. My issue lies with the RNG nature of the mechanic. Coming off a series of what I thought were very nice epxansions I didn't see this one coming. The meta was somewhat healthy after a long time and this wouldn't be something that would make things even better, it couldn't have been. The reason is simple and it's that the majority of the playerbase doesn't like random keywords. When these become multiple random keywords it gets even worse. Just think what this expansion boils down to. Daedra tribal with their very own and free-in terms of cards- fervor and a keyword generator. It's a tribal but with it's own mechanic, which is fine but why would you let a tribal buff-machine essentially, go to these lengths, being a fervor and granting all keywords that is.

And I was baffled at the time because I still don't see why would you want this as a card designer, why would you want a tribal (which already has some very decent daedras) to have such high roll and such power potential for a 1-2 time payoff in 1-2 stat points and then let this power be determined by RNG, i.e. What keywords the gate will give you.

This is not about the actual power level but about the idea and this shouldn't be brushed off as not important IMHO.

Don't let the current dumpster fire state of the game distract you from the fact that we got another RNG mechanic. For so long we have been asking for no more RNG stuff, no one wanted more suran pawnbrokers, more balmora spymasters, more royal sages, more manic mutations, more mudcrab merchants (yeah I said it!) and what we got was a whole RNG-themed EXPANSION.

I too believe this invade combo was an oversight and I will be patient until they fix it, although I didn't get that sense of urgency from CVH's comments and I also don't mean to underplay the combo with this post, it must be gone ASAP.


The day it 'came out' on warpmeta I was very angry because I just managed to enter the gauntlet and got destroyed by it and everyone playing it. But after watching Ian's video about it (which I recommend everyone watches) I realized that like he said, oversights do happen. I don't mean to be too harsh about it for this reason.

But what wasn't an oversight was adding this mechanic while being aware of the community's sentiment and for me THIS is the bigger of the 2 problems. Sooner or later this broken, game breaking combo will be fixed. Invade can't be fixed, I say that because I firmly believe there is no chance they will rework it. It was slap in the face of the community and it makes me less hopeful about the future and what more RNG-oriented stuff we might see.

I also need to talk about this separately. Forces of destruction. Is this a joke? On top of everything else you make a randomly generated conscription? Don't underplay this, because an unsummoned gate (or the brilliant experiment variant) can give a 10-cost worth of creatures the most devastating keywords, on top of being a fervor. We can't have any more of this high roll bullshit.

The flavor of the expansion is great but it was the wrong way go about it. Look at the love hand buffs and gobbos get from the community and act accordingly.

PS. I failed to mention the daedra discount but I don't think it's a big offender outside of the combo context.

PS2. I have joined the patch 2.16 waiting room with no intention of playing until it's fixed.

PS3. 'go play chess' replies will be ignored just like the community's anti-RNG wishes are ignored by the designers.

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