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The 4 things I hope we see in Elder Scrolls 6 that may be a basis for a few quests or conflicts.

TheElderScrolls11 - The 4 things I hope we see in Elder Scrolls 6 that may be a basis for a few quests or conflicts.
  1. The Thalmor are seen as a larger force, not just an embassy or random Justiciors. Show they have a larger presence than "hey Thalmor are powerful". The Civil War questline of Skyrim has the loser remind the victor of the Thalmor's power so I think thats foreshadowing

  2. The endings of Dark Brotherhood and College of Winterhold questlines are referenced in some way, even in a book. Like if The Dragonborn chose to complete the Dark Brotherhood did they, Nazir, Babette and Cicero make it a strong force after killing the Emperor? Did the Thalmor or Psjic Order to anything to the Eye of Magnus or benefit? Did the Dragonborn destroy the Dark Brotherhood? Was the Emperor assissinated and did that let the Thalmor take advantage of that and Skyrim's civil war?

  3. Jygglag is somehow involved in an important quest. Daedric Princes involved in major parts of the story of games are Azura, Mehrunes Dagon, Nocturnal, Herma Mora, Sheogorath, and Molag Bal and Meridia if you include ESO to name recent examples. Jygglag has done nothing aside from references to the Princes joining forces to take him done and him being defeated by The Hero of Kvatch and him becoming free. Since hes not present in Skyrim I think he should have some involvement. Like Sheogorath and him exist at the same time and they can cancel each other out I geuss and that makes it a 1 vs 16 instead of 1 vs 15 the first time Jygglag was turned into Sheogorath. Tbh I'd be happy if he was involved like "hey do this for me and I give you the maguffin to continue the plot" or his worship could develop has he would have had centuries to gain strength.

  4. The Sload did something. The Sload were such a threat that they killed half of all Tamriel's population with a disease they made and The All Flag's Navy had to be formed to slaughter them. They were not all killed and have not done too much since then. Since the Sload and the Planemeld and Talos are the only things that I can remember caused Tamriel to unite in some way, and they are still active, I hope they could have had some impact in the years between Skyrim and TES6. Like say they pull some stunt like suddenly raising the dead in the summerset isles which cases the Thalmor leader to end up injured and causing people to recklessly cheer for the sload or something that can be written in a book in game would be interesting imo. Or the Sload raise zombie dragons to assault Tamriel.

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