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The aggravating “casualization” of the game.

TheElderScrolls13 - The aggravating "casualization" of the game.

First of all, this point of view is coming from someone who has cleared a large percentage of the end-game content, so while not many of you may agree with what I am writing here, I think it's time to let out some of my concerns.

This thread is not about the general disinterest of the community in hard content(reddit and most of the playerbase alike) or some personal boasting, hence I apologize if it may come off like this.

Perhaps one of the most recent patch notes flew under your radar, however it is seriously worrying as it points to what ZoS might have in store for us in the future. In this link right here you can find exactly what I am talking about: significant uncalled for nerfs hitting DLC Dungeons. What's the basis of this? They were easily doable in the past versions provided you had a general understanding of how this game works(by this I mean having decent gear and a semi-working rotation). I only noticed this when I needed to farm some Earthgore from Bloodroot, but we almost did no-death, speed and hard mode without even caring about it! It may feel like I am just being salty, but in the past few years I've try-harded even at 200-300CP to get some of these achievements and therefore, having the privilege to get them as you are currently able to makes any feat regarding these dungeons that much more underwhelming.


Ok so they nerfed some of the dlc dungeons huh? This was like medium level content why would you care anyway? Exactly. Where does ZoS draw the line? When are they going to nerf vet trials because off-meta, severely underwhelming 'builds' won't make it to the end? Why did we even need such nerfs to the dungeons? Isn't normal mode supposed to tend to those who invest less time in the game, leaving the sense of accomplishment to those who work for it?

I didn't touch on the newer dungeons yet, even though I felt the same achievement mitigation. The 'big' rewards can be won by getting an inexperienced group in and letting them there for an X amount of time, because they are certain to complete it. Sure, one argument against this would be that you get a title for the completion of the trio(No-death/speed/HM), but what really is the most sought after thing in this? Let's be honest, I only started getting into hard content because I would be able to access cool skins, which are in fact an (obvious)display of your skill.

Conclusion: ZoS is aware that most of the playerbase is more into FashionESO and decorating, therefore they are making older harder content easier in order to appease to most of them. However, a game like eso, needs a healthy end-game to stay relevant.

That's everything I got to say, feel free to nitpick.

Most importantly,

enjoy the game.

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