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The Alliance War: A Synopsis: Toastie Rambles #2: Premium Art

TheElderScrolls6 - The Alliance War: A Synopsis: Toastie Rambles #2: Premium Art

The Alliance War: A Synopsys: Toastie Rambles #2: Premium Art

The epic conclusion of my saga on the Alliance War. For the assessment of the expansion and the effects it had on TESLegends, check The Alliance War: A Synopsis. Furthermore, I have created a separate thread which includes a Tier List of the Alliance War. This is my second "ramble", for the first one, check Ramble #1: Unique Legendaries!

In this last part, which is more opinionated, I will discuss what I did like, and what I dislike about the Alliance War moreso from a design perspective and general trends going forwards. You thought the Tier List was me begging for controversy? You ain't seen nothing yet!!.

I hope you enjoy the read!


TLDR: With a higher content cadence there's more important stuff to invest Soul Gems into. I am a bit afraid some of the amazing Premium artwork in this game becomes too scarce because people simply cannot realistically invest into Premium artwork anymore. This means the only source of Premiums that you will see will be in the form of randomly generated premiums from packs. I think that is unfortunate and the addition of a new resource (like Gold and Soul Gems) specifically catering towards crafting Premium cards could help resolve that issue.

Premium Artwork

The art in TESL is absolutely stunning, some of the best CCG art on the market. For example, check out some of these pieces of art, and really take a moment to absorb all the details: .

Premiums are even better. Especially nowadays, most of the effects are interesting and beautiful. I love playing with premiums! My most cherished premiums are College of Winterhold and Mighty Conjuring, and whilst I don't get to play them often, Clockwork Apostle and even one as subtle as Master of Incunabula (which is stunning anyways ♥_♥) are amazing!


have made videos in the past of their favorite premium artwork!

However, Premiums are becoming scarce. Whereas in the past, there was a lot of time to build up Soul Gems after finishing your collection so you could pick and choose some of the greatest artwork and craft premium versions of them. With a much faster pace of releasing new cards, I feel like Premiums are getting kind of difficult to acquire. They are expensive to craft and with a game that's rapidly releasing new content, it's unrealistic (and pretty stupid) to expect people to invest their scarce Soul Gems into very expensive premium cards.

I understand Premiums are supposed to be difficult-to-acquire, carry some form of commitment and are targeted to whales to some extend. There needs to be a certain pride to having Premium card! However, I think there is room in the resource system in this game to cater specifically towards Premiums without disturbing the regular ingame economy, whilst keeping them scarce enough to still have that 'coolness' to them.

I propose the introduction of "Premium Soul Gems". These are Soul Gems you can earn in specific ways (see later) that can be used exclusively to upgrade on of your existing cards to their Premium version. See here for an example, where I called it "Enchanting". Basically, you take an existing card you already own, and upgrade it to the premium version. The implication on the in-game economy can be either that the system keeps track of every "upgrade" and gives regular disenchant value, or it just considers them full premiums, alllowing people to exchange 4x Premium Soul Gem value to Soul Trap a card at full Gem value (I would propose the second option for cleanliness).

How to earn these Premium Soul Gems?
1. Collecting Rare or Epic Titles.
2. Depending on your monthly finish.
3. Disenchanting Premium cards.
4. 5+ wins in Versus Arena, 7+ in Solo Arena.
5. Win Streak Reward (e.g. upon winning 3 or 5 in a row).
6. Daily Login.
7. Purchasable in Packs (e.g. Purchase 5K Premium Soulgems for $5).
8. (Gauntlets/Chaos Arena)
This is to say, I am absolutely content with them being somewhat difficult to acquire to some extend.

To give an indication to how "many" premium gems one could earn in say, a month. I'd take myself, a player who plays approximately 40-50 games a week, ends Top 200 Legend, hits almost every daily Log-in, does not play Arena's, and say somewhere between 3k-4k a month would seem like a good number.

Let me hear what you think!

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