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The bad and the good in Fang Lair

TheElderScrolls1 - The bad and the good in Fang Lair

I've been mostly queueing up for random dungeons by myself. Even for a dd, it goes pretty quickly (~15-20 minutes) and while I'm waiting I do the daily crafting quests and usually get in a delve quest. On this one toon, however a couple of guildies are looking for a group, so I say sure why not. We group 3 of us and go into a dungeon and get into Fang Lair. Someone (I assume on of my guildies) suggests we port to FG1. I'm about to type "If everyone wants to OK" which is my standard response to this query, but before I can type it, the leader types."Not how this works" The other two players bail. I think to myself "That's rude" I warn the leader first time in Fang Lair, advice appreciated. I run to catch up to him. He's already heading into the first fight. He's almost CP900. I'm CP 1100+ (although this is a toon I don't play a lot so she's not spec'ed great.) He's requeued us to get replacements but seems capable of soloing the dungeon, so I figure let's go. After the first boss, two new players pop in. One is confused and apparently upset they were coming into an in progress dungeon and logs off. Leader initiates vote to kick them. Other player catches up to us during second boss fight. Leader requeues us again, but we continue on just the three of us and are knocking down bosses with no problem. Never did see another replacement pop in. We get to the final fight and our first attempt we all die. (I'm glad to say I was the last to go down, but ashamed to say I didn't notice they had died until the world crashed on my head.) We regroup. Our newest member asks about mechanics. I sort of figured out you were supposed to destroy the crystals which I had started to do before I was killed. We try again and we get the crystals destroyed and after a struggle are able to defeat the boss. FG1 would have been a lot quicker, but I've done it about a dozen times this week and this was a nice change of pace even if it took longer.

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