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The Bards College – Guild Skill Line (Idea)

TheElderScrolls1 - The Bards College - Guild Skill Line (Idea)

This is my idea for a Bardic College Skill Line. Please let me know what you all think.

While I understand that an entire class design could be awesome, the amount of time & development that would have to go into it would be staggering. Therefore, I propose a more palatable form, that being in the form of a Guild Skill Line similar to that of the Psijic Order.

My personal thought on how it should play out, is that the Bards College Skill Line should offer skills in line of the role of Support, specifically in something we don't necessarily already have. For this, my thoughts rest on the idea of flat Buffs/Debuffs & support abilities that affect Health, Magicka, & Stamina Recovery. This in my opinion, would give decent options for both PvE & PvP.

However, please keep in mind that I am not being absolute with these ideas. They are just ideas, I am not a video game developer. Most of my experience in this game comes from AvA PvP, so there might be some points in PvE that I'm missing. I apologize in advance.


  • Red Diamond – (150 Ultimate) (8m) Bolster your allies with the mighty vocals of "Red Diamond" giving them an extra 1500 Health, Magicka, & Stamina Recovery for 20 seconds.
    • (M1) – Allies also receive Minor Resolve, Minor Ward, & Minor Protection for 10 seconds.
    • (M2) – Enemies in the area are affected by Minor Fracture, Minor Breach, & Minor Vulnerability for 10 seconds.


  • Uplifting Aura – (Toggle) (8m) (Drains 128 Stamina/Magicka per second. Whichever resource pool is higher) Play songs of joy, uplifting your allies' strength granting them bonuses depending on the instrument chosen.
    • Finn's Lute – Your Allies have 2/4% Increased Weapon Damage.
    • Pantea's Flute – Your Allies have 2/4% Increased Spell Damage.
    • Rjorn's Drum – Your Allies have 2/4% Increased Healing Received.
      • (M1) – Reduces cost per second.
      • (M2) – Costs Health instead of Stamina/Magicka. The cost & bonus values are doubled.


  • Screeching Tones – (AoE Cone) (~3000 Magicka) Deals (low) magic damage & additional magic damage for 1 second for 4 seconds.
    • (M1) – Can now interrupt enemies that are casting, knocking them Off Balance.
    • (M2) – Converts to Stamina & deals Disease Damage. Every 3rd cast of Screeching Tones deals 100% more damage.


  • Serenade – (8m) (~3000 Magicka) Serenade the area with your voice, healing allies by ~500 health every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. Allies affected also gain an additional 125 Health Recovery for the duration.
    • (M1) – Allies also gain an additional 125 Magicka Recovery for the duration.
    • (M2) – Converts to Stamina. Allies also gain an additional 125 Stamina Recovery for the duration.


  • Scales- (5m) (Magicka) Play a scale with your instrument, granting 1 stack of Empower to yourself & 1 ally. When a stack of Empower is consumed, you are healed for 1280 Health.
    • (M1) – Now grants 1 stack of Empower to yourself & up to 3 allies. When a stack of Empower is consumed, you & up to 3 allies are healed for 1280 Health.
    • (M2) – Converts to Stamina. Grants 2 stacks of Empower to yourself & 1 ally. No longer heals. When a stack of Empower is consumed, you gain Minor Heroism for 3/6 seconds.


  • Concert! – As a member of the The Bards College, you are a performer & artist for all of Tamriel! Visiting all of the Inns & Taverns in Tamriel & performing a song there grants you experience towards leveling the Bardic College Skill Line.
  • Virtuoso – Reduces the cost of your Bardic College abilities by 8/15%.
  • Bolstered Spirits – After casting a Bardic College Ability, you gain Minor Fortitude, Minor Endurance, & Minor Intellect for 2/4s.
  • Musician's Dexterity – While you have a Bardic College Ability Slotted, you gain 5/10% Movement Speed.

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