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The Beauty of Daggerfall: An Augur of The Simulative CRPG

TheElderScrolls11 - The Beauty of Daggerfall: An Augur of The Simulative CRPG

I have made a fairly comprehensive overview of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. I discuss how flexible the mechanics are with respect to other Elder Scrolls titles, such as: mounted combat in the overworld, levitation-aided melee/magic, and the way the mouse more realistically imitates weapon swinging than analog sticks. I praise the game for its customized classes, which mechanically aid roleplay as you can be a daedra worshipper who always takes damage in temples or a mundane monk who absorbs all magicka. Compared to the TES IV and V, Daggerfall has great weapon variety while Morrowind equals or exceeds it.

Daggerfall’s procedural generation gives it realistic worldbuilding in terms of scale. Towns have hundreds of houses, 20 or more shops, and bustle with npcs going about their business. The procedural generation is a mixed blessing as most npcs are interchangeable, with towns being nearly identical. I discuss the illustrious Breton manners and graces; noble quests, magic, enchantments, and knightly order quests improve your standing with them. While the hinterlands of Daggerfall are empty polygonal expanses, different regions like mountains, deserts, and tropical Hammerfell vary in their flora and backgrounds. Likewise, high rock and the two parts of Hammerfell vary architecturally. Alik'r Redguards live in apartment complexes made of sandstone, tropical Hammerfell has mossy dark bricked buildings, and high rock is boilerplate early-modern architecture.


Dungeons are also procedurally generated concatenations of byzantine corridors. That is, they are vast puzzles of backtracking, hidden doors, and locked doors that will make you ragequit because you skipped mysticism day. Tunnels will fork more often than bootstrap or a blockchain protocol based on creation engine. Often the objective of a quest might be a couple rooms away from the entrance, but you would never know because you went down the other tunnel. Every dungeon will be different with no predetermined route to go. Like a roguelike, you are in for a fresh challenge every time. After a while though, you would find that most dungeons all have the same recycled assets called dungeon blocks. Daggerfall's main quest dungeons are semi-unique, while the main questline is excellent and can stand up to most rpgs. Faction quests are repeatable radiant quest of different types and take place in towns or dungeons. Each adds characterization to the world- with a temple quest you might be foiling a heretic, while in the mage's guild you might protect a mage communing with Aetherius.

Despite the random generation, miscellaneous side quests help to portray a living world of people with issues, devious people with schemes to be hatched, and tasks to be mastered. Not sure if I should pray to mercury, zenithar, boethiah, or peryite tbh. Overall technological and human resource constraints hinder the game, but its hidden system of factions and responsive npcs show great promise for a future simulative open world crpg. I give suggestions on how you could combine hand-crafted, procedural generation elements, and responsive characters. Finally, I plug Wayward Realms as a great step in the right direction.

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