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The biggest mistake I ever made in ESO…long rant

TheElderScrolls6 - The biggest mistake I ever made in ESO...long rant

When ESO first released I played it all the time and most of the people I played with over time dropped out 1 by 1. Until the release of the console version, I was starting to lose interest playing alone and zenimax advertised before release of the account transfer to console. Some old friends was excited to try the game so I switched over to no longer play alone. I made many friends and also found what I truly enjoyed the most about ESO which was the pvp, an endless battle and endless challenges, to the point where you know 90% of the players by name, you know what class they run and learn how to fight them. The problem is over time the game became really laggy, players started running around in 24 man groups and guilds would run multiple 24 man groups and sit in guild chat. That's fine, zerging was never my thing. I liked to play in 4 man groups max. Fight out numbered until you can't no more. The feeling of surviving some fights made you remember why you log on everyday to play. The more time has gone on the more the pvp has changed with silly things like proc sets, poisons or just the lag that has never really gone away. The xbox hardware clearly can't handle so many people in such a small area at one time.


Anyways a few years ago I tried pc again, massive loss to character progression like research, CP, new characters or in game purchases. The game run great on pc, perfect in comparison. So I requested a re-transfer back and was told we aren't currently offering this at this time. OK I thought, that sounds hopeful. They might be working on implementing it. So for now pc will have to wait as I will lose any progression if I'm going to read transfer all my 6 characters at the time. Back to console I went, made one of every class in both magicka/stamina versions, give me something new and kept the game fresh. Asked again early last year and still no sign of the transfers ever being a thing. I've seen so many people crying out in the forums for it but at this point I don't think ZOS care or simple don't know how (hard to believe that as the did it initially).

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Now I'm not going to lie I stopped playing a while ago but I still miss the pvp and recently decided to try start over on pc with the mind set of no CP campaigns. The problem I have now is I have zero gear, tried to do some dungeons to get just anything in terms of a build but the queues are massively long for a solo player and people leave because you aren't doing high dps. I know literally nobody on pc and it honestly just feels overwelmingly impossible to do anything I enjoy about the game. Not to mention the time I get to play isn't very long due to irl things. I've gone from 11 characters that I played often to 1 character with really low research and barely any CP.

The console trasfer was the biggest mistake I've ever made and it's a shame that it's on a game I've probably played the most ever (3000+ hours at least).

Sorry for the rant, but this story would mean nothing to any other community because this game is unlike any other. If you got this far thanks for reading.

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