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The Casual’s Midyear Mayhem Guide to PVE Dailies in PVP Zones

TheElderScrolls15 - The Casual's Midyear Mayhem Guide to PVE Dailies in PVP Zones

Wrote this up for guildies/friends and I thought I'd share this here. Because "I hate pvp but I want to get tickets" is such a common sentiment, here is my guide to getting your dailies done as painlessly as possible. Trust me, pvp looks daunting but it's really not very scary if you know your way around 🙂

How to get tickets – during Midyear Mayhem, you get 2 tickets for EITHER your first Cyrodiil or Battleground daily, and 1 ticket for your first Imperial City daily. That's 3 tickets you can earn a day, on par with most other events.

General tips – get on a low-pop campaign and play during off-peak (if you are able to) for best chances at not meeting anyone. Be sneaky if it seems like you're in enemy territory (enemy controlled district or forts), especially in the imperial city. Also, if you're following this guide and purely in it for the dailies, it doesn't matter if you die – just respawn and port back to the town or go up the district in IC, don't be too frustrated if you run into some bad luck. Having the right mindset is half the secret or you *will* psych yourself into a bad mood!


Choose a low-pop campaign where your alliance controls most of the map or at least one of the neutral towns (Bruma, Vlastarus or Cropsford). If you see an alliance-colored line connecting the town to your base, you're good to teleport.

Use the transitus shrine to port to the town, then pick up a daily quest from one of the npcs there. These quests are super easy to do and you can be done in 5 minutes or less, usually just "go somewhere and kill/find something". If you have the time, you can even save a completed one in your quest log for tomorrow.

Note 1: There are two other *unmarked* towns on the map, Chorrol and Cheydinhal, which also offer daily quests same as the big towns. There's less likely to be enemy players if the main towns are busy but you also can't teleport to them directly so it's much less efficient.

Note 2: An alternate strategy that involves a bit more rng and loading screens is to visit a map where your alliance is losing, pick up a scouting quest for a nearby fort, then switch to a campaign where your alliance controls more of the map and simply port to the required area to finish the quest. This is 100% safe and zero fighting but I don't find the campaign-switching to be worth the trouble.



This one is a little more troublesome but it's totally worth it. The trick is, if you have some time, you can preload 5 quests and turn them in once a day which is much more efficient and painless.

Port in to IC, if you've never been here before there's a room off to the side with 6 ladders. Each ladder leads to a district which has its own daily. You need to go up a ladder, get the quest from the guy on top, and go down the ladder again. This is because you can't get back up to the quest guy once you drop down into the district. Repeat this for all 6 ladders (ie. all 6 districts).

On the last ladder, drop down and do the quest in the district, then make a circuit round the imperial city using the doors. Each district wall has a big door in the middle and two sneaky doors on either side – side doors put you on a ledge with invulnerability if you want to take a breather. Do the quest in each district, and remember if you get unlucky and die it doesn't matter because you don't care about your tel var stones, just the quests. Just respawn and try again.

Once you're done, simply die or make your way back to the base if you know how to, then turn in one quest and keep the other 5. For the next 5 days you can simply port in to the sewer and turn in your quest for the daily then leave again.

Note: Of course you don't have to do all 6 quests if you don't have the time, this is just the most efficient way if, say, you have time on the weekends and don't want to deal with this on weekdays. If you don't want to do this you can just do a daily each day for the ticket as per normal.

Extra efficiency tips: You can leave Cyrodiil easily by queueing for imperial city and vice versa, instead of trekking back to base. Also, if you log out in front of the Cyro town npc, you might spawn back there the next day if you're lucky and the game doesn't kick you out because the campaign is full.

Hopefully this helps, happy questing! If you are hopelessly lost and don't even understand the guide, comment and I'm sure someone will be willing to help out 🙂

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