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The CORRECT way to distribute your champion points.

TheElderScrolls9 - The CORRECT way to distribute your champion points.

First, just a reminder and possibly new info for newer players: Champion points that have a % in them are only effective when they hit a whole number. Ie: 12.08% in a champion point is the same as 12.89%, they both give just the 12%. So, don't waste points on percentages of percentages, instead look at the number of points to hit the next whole-number.

Okay.. So here's what I'm noticing when I ask guildies and friends (even super good, experienced players) about their CP… almost everyone just copies CP from online or, even worse, does it randomly without considering the value of each their points. I don't know if it's overwhelming for people, or what..but everyone SHOULD be calculating their CP based on what % of overall effectiveness the value of each point spent is.

For an example, on a magDK or magplar: If you think (random numbers) you do 65% of your damage as DOT then the buff from thaumaturge is multiplied x.65, compared to each point in magic/ele damage x1.0 (affects all damage you're doing, including staves), compared to direct damage x.35 (since direct is 35% of your overall if DoT is 65%).

Find your % by looking at a parse (or just do some math from tooltips if you're on console).

From there, once you've decided what % your overall damage is sourced from, look at per-point value: 5pts to thaumaturge for 1% (.65% overall) vs 3pts to direct for 1% (.35% overall).. what's better value per point? .65% effective damage for 5 or .35% for 3? (.13% per point vs .113% per point) So, even though you'd think 3 pts per 1% is better, 5 points for 1% in this case is better. Kind of eye-opening, right?

Edit: People have asked me what about light attacks damage. Use the parse or the raw # to calc how much % total damage your light attacks do for you. Light attacks count as direct damage too, so that is modified by direct dmg CP too. If you're doing 10% of your damage as light attacks then multiply by .1 for the total number of points to hit the next whole #. Ie: adding 10% on to 10% will add 1% total. Calculate this AFTER including the direct damage % modifier so you don't over-estimate. It's multiplicative not additive.


Critical strike damage is also calculated after-everything. +Critical damage is multiplied though unfortunately so you'll get diminishing returns with khajiit and templar/NB passives/minor force. This depends a lot on build and varies a ton.. if you're mainly doing healing and have like 35% critical compared to a nightblade at 65% critical then you're going to have very different numbers. CALCULATE THEM. Don't just guess. CP is one of the biggest ways to make your character wreck, and everyone seems to ignore the details on this.

For penetration (it's 660/1% defense and PvP damage but 500/1% for damage vs lvl 50 monsters) you can figure each points value and put it to scale vs others. I ALWAYS do penetration last after balancing the others perfectly and then I'll throw the last few extra points on top of whatever pen is guaranteed to be worthwhile points. (Ymmv but it usually works out to be about 20+a few extras.) This is last because the 1% jumps don't apply to flat numbers on pen.

You can do the same for defense CPs, depending on what you're getting hit by. And your recoveries/cost reduction based on what you use the most. Are you a chronic sprinter or dodge roll everything instead of blocking? That's where you're going to save the most resources then.. but calculate it based on effective % of total usage on that resource.

Hope this helps. Leave questions below and I'll answer tomorrow when I wake up. 🙂

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