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Reposted: Felt it is worth giving the other side a bit of attention.

Yeah, let’s not act like how Justin composed himself in that stream was correct behavior. He started out "making fun of himself" as he put it by acting like how he sees competitive players. Even if this was supposed to be a "sanitized" version of himself as a response to the post calling him a toxic casual, he was acting in a manner that he called out "competitive" players for in the past. He later in the stream got discouraged for people calling that behavior out and every so often throughout the stream would complain about how people viewed his actions and how he is dealing with "bullshit drama." Now, I understand how dealing with drama and with his wife's recent surgery that the stress put on him could lead him off the path that he is trying to move on in bettering his life so he should cut out the bits that he can (in this case being TESL drama). However, he has been the focus and the one to start drama pretty consistently for the major bits of drama over the past 5 or so months. I can recall 3 major bits of drama including this one.

The first bit that I recall was the drama over competitive and casual players. Prior to this I never really saw any split in the player base. People knew who the more competitive players were since they would regularly play in tournaments or try to get high ladder rankings. No one to my knowledge was oppressed by anyone. Now, I am a bit too lazy to go back and find all the tweets, but I recall Endozoa saying something along the lines of Justin not being competitively focused during a discussion on what makes a competitive player. Justin took offense to this which I suppose is somewhat reasonable but instead of taking it as criticism and critique he took it as a personal attack. This ended up having Justin cause issues with TRS and tournament focused players and leading people to believe that competitive players were oppressing the casuals which is blatantly false when competitive players tend to keep to themselves and their own groups. So Justin causes this drama, assigns intent and meaning contrary to what Endo meant, then stirs up his following (which becomes a trend) causing them to all see competitive players in a bad way and Justin even writes a Hive Offender piece making fun of competitive players after "apologizing" earlier (another trend is his lack of consideration and half-hearted apologies). Eventually this drama dies down and we are left with a "rift" between players that was largely the result of Justin misinterpreting and taking offense over something innocuous since Justin is obviously not competitively minded when he plays TESL. He might try to better his play and skill, but it obviously isn't a focus when he plays memes.

The second bit is when he called all Shadowverse players pedophiles. He started out with a distasteful joke about Shadowverse and Chris Hansen which isn't funny but whatever, it is harmless enough. He seemed to believe that the card art in Shadowverse was blatantly child pornography and that people that supported that game were pedos and that was point of the joke I guess. Now he was rightfully called out for this gross generalization and misconception of a player base. When others tried to say that he was wrong and that the vast majority (if not all) art depicting what appear to be children is not sexual he said that it was and that they were defending child porn. He PUBLICLY ON TWITTER called people in the Hiking Emeric discord defenders of child pornography. He even went as far as saying that cartoon child porn is equally as bad as actual child porn (I disagree that while both are horrible one is clearly worse but then you get into a spectrum of evil which is not useful discussion). Later, some of his following brought these allegations of defending child porn and called people within the Hiking Emeric group pedophiles without understanding the situation and only going off what Justin said. When you have a big (at least for TESL) following you can't direct this kind of uninformed hate into a public sphere without inadvertently sending them off to harass people. Now, this was directly drama brought upon himself. He later tweets that he is going to try and stay out of drama and keep his twitter related to TESL (yet he still comments on politics and has replies cussing at Trump). He never apologizes or says that it was wrong of him to just call an entire group of people pedos or that it was wrong of him to mischaracterize members of Hiking Emeric as defenders of child pornography. This was something I found very distasteful. How can someone claim that they are trying to make the world a better place and not admit to your own wrongdoings or apologize for such hateful things. You can stick to your opinion that the card art of Shadowverse isn't ok but when it is not overtly sexual and people claim that, it is not ok to label them as pedos or that they are defending child pornography.

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Now, the last bit is what happened today on reddit and on his stream. As I recall this was a result of a reddit comment saying that Justin was just as toxic as other member of the community but that he was a casual and the reddit post it was on pointing Justin as being an example of a toxic casual and Burn as a toxic competitive player. From my understanding (not definite truth but just what I gathered) it was the former post that led to Justin starting his stream the way he did. He dwelled on the comment being all about him and sort or ignoring the post that targeted two groups. He seemed to make it all about him and that the post was directly calling him toxic while it was about both sides of the rift in the player base. Also, it was posted by zombietunafish, anyone that has been here on reddit for a while should understand that any post from any variation of tunafish is going to be a troll post and doesn't deserve much of a reaction. However, Justin decides to play this, as he called it, "sterilized" version of himself which he said was a response to people calling him a toxic casual by playing meta decks. This would have been fine in my opinion although a tad in bad taste but whatever. The problem is that he acted in the way that he viewed and criticized competitive players in the first bout of drama while calling himself "Justice the pro gamer" which seems like a somewhat passive aggressive slight at the competitive players (maybe he thought the people calling him a toxic casual were competitive players I don't know). So, some competitive players took some offense, notably Ianbits who asked him why he was doing this when Ian thought they were past the point of rudeness and Justin took it as an attack on him as he tends to. He goes and stops the roleplaying and throughout his stream he every so often makes reference to the current drama and how he was only making fun of himself and how if Ian wants to talk, they can do it in his stream instead of publicly on twitter. (Just a note I find it interesting how he didn't apparently want the discussion public on twitter when he publicly brought drama over pedophile claims and claiming people defended child porn to twitter when the majority of that issue was in a PRIVATE discord server. Also, it is worth noting that why would Ian go have the discussion in Justin's stream where he would just be constantly attacked and harassed by Justin's followers). Ian declines because he feels that their discussion would go nowhere (how I interpreted it) and Justin responds passive aggressively (how it looked to me). So, the stream goes on and Justin every so often says something about the "bullshit drama" but not much until the final 5ish minutes of the stream where he has his announcement. He decided he would take a break from TESL over a few reasons with one reason being the drama and the people that "dog" him over nothing. Now, again, nothing wrong with cutting out stressful parts of your life that might lead to declining mental health or poor decisions. However, a good portion of his reasoning was saying how the community (specifically the competitive players) was filled with toxic bullshit. He says that he doesn't have to deal with people whose lives revolve around "this" (I assume he meant TESL drama) while he was the cause of the big bits of drama over the last few months. He says that the community has changed and that there is a competitive/casual split (which in my opinion was brought about by his actions and statements). He talks about how TESL is a casual game and will never be an esport and that there is no competitive scene to speak of and how he is tired of the competitive/casual arguments. The problem I see with this is that he never admits that he is even partially at fault. He plays the victim and how it is these oppressive toxic players causing all these issues while acting completely oblivious to what he has done to help cause them. Of course, he would be seen by some as a "toxic casual" since he started the competitive v. casual drama and always seems to take shots at competitive players or at meta decks.

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To just put some final thoughts together it is fine that Justin wants to cut out some of the stress in his life and trying to avoid aspects of TESL is most likely the easiest way to alleviate some stress. It is not fine to, on your way out, take shots at a portion of the community and put all the blame on them, act like you were being victimized, and push these ideas onto your viewer base. Leaving in such a way makes it to where if anyone tries to argue how Justin was in the wrong it brings upon them a group of followers that will dismiss any criticism, call you a troll, and say that you are what is wrong with the community. It only causes the player base to become more fractured. I just hope that he puts some thought into why he finds himself in these positions where he is the center of all the drama that he supposedly has been trying to avoid and betters himself a bit during his break from the game.

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