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I did this kind of thread on r/darksouls and r/fallout were I bring you how I woild've done a game if I were in charge and ask you how would you have done it, only, in those threads I talked about games that were already out, so here is more of a hopes and dreams list:

I hope that…

  • Dialogue will be akin to Morrowind: you can ask every character if they know anything about all of the arguments you've ever heard being mentioned in a conversation, though to avoid everyone being a walking dictionary most people will not know more than 3 or 4 subjects at the time
  • Combat will be completely overhauled: all characters have a poise level that decides wheter or not an attack staggers them or even knocks them off their feet, also, hitboxes are precise and crisp and all attacks are very committed in a way that allows you to dodge with your movements and makes reach an important advantage that you have to either maintain or make the enemy lose, also, attacks follow a 4 directional system where you use your camera to decide from which of these directions you want to do a light attack, heavy attack or parry from
  • In character creation, you'll be able to choose if your character is either right or left handed (flipped default attack direction), how tall they are (taller=more speed and reach, shorter=more power and poise) and what their body shape (slimmer=more speed and agility but less poise and health, bulkier=more power and health but less speed) other than the classic race selection and in-detail facial feature editing
  • Weapons will be divided in arming swords (one handed swords), longswords (hybrid one/two handed swords and specialized two handed swords), greatswords (really big specialized two handed swords), daggers (knives and parrying daggers), axes (hatchets and battleaxes), maces (clubs, flanged maces and morning stars), greatmaces (really big clubs, maces and lucerne hammers), greataxes (dane axes), staves (quartestaffs), polearms (spears, halberds, glaives, pikes etc.), shields (bucklers, heater shields), greatshields (kite shields, pavise shields, scuta), bows (longbows, shortbows) and crossbows (hand crossbows, arbalests), some longswords, most axes, most maces and all polearms can be gripped with either one or two hands influencing moveset, attack speed and damage, while all swords, most polearms and some rare exceptions in other weapon types can both strike and thrust (steike staggers more easily and is harder to block, thrust has more armor penetration and is quicker but can be dodged or even stomped on if it's low enough and the npc/player has a particular skill), also, polearms and greatswords have in general the most reach out of all the weapons
  • The skill tree will be completely redefined with raw stats (strenght, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, faith, wisdom and perception) that the weapons and spells directly benefit from and require a minimum level of (varies from case to case, though as a rule of thumb swords scale with dexterity and with strenght, maces scale with strenght, polearms with constitution and either dexterity or strenght, daggers with dexterity, axes scale with strenght and dexterity, bows and crossbows with strenght and perception, shields and greatshields with strenght and in one or two cases dexterity, illusion spells scale with intellect, restoration with faith, alteration with wisdom and destruction with either faith, intelligence or wisdom depending on the spell), there will also be skill trees in persuasion, archery, melee combat, magic, smithing, alchemy and enchanting each with a rich set of very specific skills allowing for a wide variety of specialization. Also, the player can control when and where to spend their xp by resting at a bed
  • Other than horses there are other mountable animals like camels, silk striders and others
  • Spells will work by either casting them from within or using a catalist (staff, rod, talisman etc.), the latter augments the spell's power but raises magicka consumption and casting time, also some new spells like Buff Weapon (imbue weapon with element) or Shockwave (knock all small enemies off their feet in a radial fashon) will be introduced, some old spells like Levitation or Teleportation will return, and some others like Wood/Iron/Ebony Flesh will be reworked (in the cited example, it will also grant you poise)
  • Crafting won't require you to learn it by mass producing simple items anymore, since you can spend all your hard earned xp on the smithing skill and start making fine blades from the get go, for example, also, the smiths will no longer just craft weapons, but also upgrade them for you according to their skills, much like how vendors can repair your weapons in Fallout 3/NV according to their skill, and how vendors could've been able to modify your weapons for you in Fallout 4 for you but can't since BGS made the exact same mistake there
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