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The Elder Scrolls isn’t being “Dumbed down” Part one, Morrowind to Oblivion.

TheElderScrolls2 - The Elder Scrolls isn't being "Dumbed down" Part one, Morrowind to Oblivion.

It seems to be a common thing to say on this subreddit, that the Elder Scrolls series is being dumbed down. I would like to share my thoughts on the matter, and try to see if anyone will come around to my way of thinking.

1: One of the most common claims is that less systems than previous games means that the game is being dumbed down, however, I don't quite agree with that notion. For example, many things found in Morrowind such as throwing weapons, levitation, parts of the skill system, and the ability to kill anyone are missing from Oblivion, however, those things aren't just being removed to make the game simpler or easier.

While there are less weapons, there is also a improved combat and physics engine for it, which would change the way that those thing are used. Things such as spears and throwing weapons would be difficult to implmeant properly, which is why I belive that they were left out to make the game as a whole more challanging.

That concept of quality over quantity also holds true for skills, where the skill system has been improved by lessening that amount of catagories.

Levitation was something that had to be removed because in Oblivion the cities are separate loading screens, and flying over them would be impossible with the game's engine. Also, with the way terrain loaded in Oblivion, it would look pretty ugly.

The ability to kill anyone would completely fail in oblivion, because Npcs no longer stand around at one spot all day. Instead, they engage in behavior which could lead to their deaths. One might argue that only the player should be able to kill them, but then it would also be weird if someone could survive everything from daedra to bandit hoards , and then got killed by a lvl1 palyer with an iron dagger.


2: The second argument I hear is that the world building was dumbed down, and while Morrowind was a unique and wonderful world, Oblivion was just generic fantasy. I would also disagree with this. I feel that if Oblivion were to have a less normal world, it would damage the game as a whole. Let me put it like this. If Portals to Daedric worlds opened up in a place that was already strange and alien, the effect of the invasion and of traveling to the hellish world would be lessened. Also, many of the side quests use the Medieval setting to it's full effect, so I don't think that they would work as well in a drastically different setting.

The Aleied, Aleid, Ailed, White temple-like ruins was a fresh change that stood out from the dwemer ones, and they also opened up the possibility of different lore and world building with them, as well as just fitting the setting well.

I also think that the worldbuilding was done well in many other ways, such as the design of the imperial city, the pirates cave leading to the kitchen in one of the dlc, and don't even get me started on the shivering isles.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed.

Signing off for now, a dude who is definitely not a Russian robot.

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