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The Elder Scrolls: Legends: March ’19 Announcements

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n55g96 - The Elder Scrolls: Legends: March '19 AnnouncementsThe Elder Scrolls: Legends: March '19 Announcements

It's easier to keep a thread like this updated straight from Reddit and it lets the community participate. WIP

Hello everyone,

It has been a good while, but it looks like our long-awaited news on new features and/or content is finally coming up! CVH has indicated that there will be an article up with some of the news, but not all of it (Source). Therefore, I'll try and maintain this thread with as much news as possible!

Stream-Specific Information
Stream Link
– Broadcast starts 2PM EDT (20 minutes from posting)
– You receive a free Premium Legendary for watching (make sure to Link your Bethesda and Twitch accounts!)
– Follow TESLegends and SparkyPants Studios for the most up-to-date reveals!
– Timestamped VOD (To be added)
– Official Article (To be released)



Image: Elder Scrolls Legends: Alliance War
Five factions fighting for the Ruby Throne!
Release Date: 15-04-2019 (DMY), 100+ Playable Cards.
Five New Tri-color Combinations, Guildsworn (RBY), Daggerfall Covenant (RBP), Dominion (BYG), Empire (YGP), Ebonheart Pact (RPG).
Eolis made a
nice overview on


First Card Reveals (Timestamp for Lore & Explanations to be added)
1. Guildsworn Apprentice – Discussion Thread
2. Covenant Mail – Discussion Thread
3. Channeled Storm – Discussion Thread
4. Dominion Oathman – Discussion Thread
5. Clivia Tharn – Discussion Thread
6. Spoils of War – Discussion Thread
7. Daggerfall Phantom – Discussion Thread
8. Jorunn the Skald-King – Discussion Thread
9. Mannimarco – Discussion Thread
10. The Five Companions will all be released as single-attribute legendaries (UESP Link).

Pre-order Information
– 50 Packs
– 1 Legendary Pack
– "WARMONGER" title
– Alliance War Premium Cardback

New Mechanics

Keyword on Items.
Can be played to an empty lane, summoning a 1/1 creature that equips the item.

When your opponent takes damage, actions with Empower increase in effect for the turn.



  1. 4 Full Expansions for TESLegends, Summer, Fall, Spring.
  2. Masters Series Qualifiers announced, Masters Series finals ($50.000!) at Quakecon!
  3. PvP Events Begin (e.g. Gauntlets)!
  4. Seasonal Events no later than Fall '19! (Surrounding TES Lore)
  5. Cadence of regular updates with new VFX, balance updates, monthly reward cards continues.


On the Panel: (Link)
– SparkyWrapter, Josh Utter-Leyton, Card Designed
– CVH, Christian 'The King' Van Hoose, Community Manager
– Joey Howell, Brand Manager
– Silverfuse, Silverfuse, Silverfuse. Awesome Community Content Producer!


The Five Heroes Banner

SparkyPants Twitter Puzzle: Complete new Gameboard

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