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The Elder Scrolls VI: Redfall/Hammerfell (DLC Talk/Ideas)

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Hello everyone, just wanted to show off this interesting map i found (Original Poster deleted their account, thus i cannot give credit) along with some ideas for DLC's. Now as if they trailer for it wasn't proof enough that it would be set in Hammerfell… we got confirmation even more so because Zenimax Media (BGS' parent company) trademarked the name "Redfall" as seen here.

-An image of what "The Elder Scrolls VI: Redfall" map could look like (OP unknown)-

Now since all of this makes for something that seems DAMN close to confirmation, i thought we could talk DLC. In terms of past games, we usually see DLC work out in this way… DLC 1 is medium sized, DLC 2 is small and DLC 3 is huge to make a lasting impact! (Examples of this are Shivering Isles from Oblivion or Dragonborn from Skyrim.) so i figured these would be the way the DLC's would work out.

(DLC 1) Haunted Orsinium: This DLC (unlike how it's shown in the map) would add Orsinium as well as a few other areas/ruins around it. It would basically be explained as "Orsinium is open once again and is no longer off limits because it has finished being built." The idea for the questline within Orsinium is basically becoming a ghost hunter. They could say that there is a ruin nearby that seemed haunted and the Orcs were SURE that they drove out all of those "cursed demons and devils… yet they seem to still haunt us" or some such. Not only is this good for lore, storyline and an interesting thing to talk to the city folk about, it also means new enemy types for all dungeons, caves, mines around the area AND is especially interesting for all you Skyrim fans still out there who want more snow!

(DLC 2) A Kings Crown: Instead of another Horse Armor DLC or building your own house in the middle of nowhere… this DLC, while small, would still add something that more people would like, thus being more controversial while simultaneously adding something very interesting. This DLC would essentially be a way of becoming the KING of a City Within Hammerfell… as you can see here, there are MANY different cities within Hammerfell so you wouldn't run out that quickly. There would be 2 ways to approach Kingship. The first way would be to become a guard and complete a few simplistic missions, climbing the ranks until you become the King of a City! The second way is that you are able to go to towns or bandit encampments and do something random and small for them to earn their trust, after building this small army, you're given the option to "overthrow the king and take the city by force!" Thus ending the reign of the current king, killing him and making his quests unavailable (unless already completed)


(DLC 2 Notes: You CANNOT become king of any small villages or Orsinium/Sentinel but you are able to recruit some of your army members from small villages)

(DLC 3) Pirates of Hammerfell: It may not be the best name, but it's more of a placeholder name… This DLC would entail entirely NEW lands for TES 6. It would include The Chain of Islands, Stros M'kai, Stirk and Eyevea (and possibly more!). The way this would work is that, essentially instead of having a Main Questline like most of these DLC's, it would feature a Main Guild, called the Pirates Guild. This Guild would have features similar to the Kings Crown DLC in that you have to climb the ranks… the difference however, is unlike the quests being somewhat random, most of them are not and slowly but surely build to you getting the ability to captain your own ship around all of these awesome islands! While the story could be interesting, this would serve as more of a "wow, look at all i can do" than a "what an amazing story ark" or something. Ship Upgrades would be available and to finish out the questline, you'd still have some quests available like taking on the final boss, which would be another ship but this pirates ship is known as the best in the land! It would end with his ship crashing into a somewhat remote island, boarding his ship, killing his men and chasing after him as he escapes into a cave, giving your final words on how much of a coward he was for running and finally slaying him to obtain his Curved Sword of the Seafarer or some such. Thus would end the story/guild questline and then you'd be able to freely find other ships (similar to dragons from skyrim) that would randomly appear and some unique ones that could serve as a small story on its own on how all of these ships are connected. This DLC may seem ambitious but here's why it isn't as impossible as you may think… the first 2 DLC's are kinda small, even smaller in some ways than Oblivion/Skyrim and its been may years since those games anyways, plus who wouldn't want the pay off of all of those kool, but small DLC's to be a huge expansion where you can become the best Pirate in all of Tamriel!

Anyways, those are my thoughts on the DLC's we should see in "The Elder Scrolls VI: Redfall" not only is it all very awesome, but some of my ideas even make logical sense because of where both Orsinium (in the 4th era) and Stros M'kai are. Anyways, that raps up this post but i'd LOVE to hear your feedback on all of these DLC's, the likeliness, how interesting the ideas were and what you may wanna change about them, thanks for reading!

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