The Elder Scrolls

The full Madame Vastra roster, from Arena to Skyrim.

TheElderScrolls5 - The full Madame Vastra roster, from Arena to Skyrim.

I should probably explain.
See, way back in 2013, I played Skyrim for the first time, and when I got to the character creation system, I chose an Argonian as my race, due to their poison resistance, water-breathing, and regenerating health.

Seeing that they had a reptilian appearance, I named my Argonian “Madame Vastra”, after the Doctor Who character of the same name. And ever since then, I've had a female Argonian named “Madame Vastra” as my character in the Elder Scrolls games.

And since Blades is coming up next year, I figured it would be fitting to draw ALL of the Madame Vastras I've played as over the years. So here ya' go.

Also, that fact that the Vastras have no breasts or A-Cup breasts is because Argonians are lizards. And as we all know, lizards don't have breasts. (I'm lookin' at you Bethesda. You managed to perfect Argonians in Morrowind, but scrapped their design nigh-immediately.)

ARENA: The gray-skinned Argonian. This one was the hardest to draw, since from the character screen they look like they have a normal human-like head. I eventually settled on a lizard-like head, 'cause… series continuity? Also, Argonians in the first game had hair.

DAGGERFALL: No comment. Bethesda did a pretty good job on the Daggerfall Argonians.

MORROWIND: Oh… Oh, now THIS I love. Digitigrade legs, anatomically correct chest, it's just perfect. Also, Madame Vastra III is flexin' because she has the largest strength stat out of all of them.

OBLIVION: Playing as Madame Vastra IV was pretty fun, except for the fact that I chose Lord as my birthsign, giving me a permanent 25% weakness to fire. For some reason, I thought there wouldn't be that much fire. BOY, WAS I WRONG!

SKYRIM: The OG OC. The savior of Sovngarde. THE DRAGONBORN!

What do you think?

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