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The game was not designed for tri-colors

TheElderScrolls2 - The game was not designed for tri-colors

The current situation of Ebonheart is just the beginning. This is only going to get worse over time as more cards get added and more crazy combos become available. There will be a point when problems like this can't be fixed by just nerfing a few cards. Not to mention the each nerf hurts dual-color way more than all the relevant tri-colors combined.

When we had dual-color only, it was a lot easier to keep OP decks in check (although Direwolf was pretty slow at delivering balance changes), since nerfing a card wouldn't have all that much impact on the rest of the classes, and it was a lot easier to identify the problem class/cards.

There is also another issue, which is strengths/weaknesses of a class (which defines its identity). Adding another color adds strengths and pretty much removes all weaknesses at the price of consistency, which, let's be honest, only really matters if you're playing aggro or have a very specific gameplan (like burn assassin, which is also a problem deck imo, but that's not the point of this discussion).

Tri-color being 75 cards makes them inconsistent. That should be a good thing, as it gives them a disadvantage, right? Well, not exactly. It being so inconsistent means it's actually a bad play to play around certain cards, because the chance of them having it is so low. You just go for it and hope they don't draw it. You can't play around {{Edict of Azura}}, {{Lightning Bolt}}, {Sorcerer's Negation}} and {{Piercing Javelin}} at the same time. Playing around unique legendaries like {{Miraak}} and {{Ancano}} is even worse.


Dual-Color cards were designed to be played by one class. One. And were balanced around the cards in their two respective attributes and possible combos. {{Archer's Gambit}} was designed for lethal pings in archer, not for degenerate combos with {{Cicero}}, {{Venomtongue}} etc. {{Thorn Histmage}} was designed for Scout, which gave it identity as the "ramp" class. {{Crusader's Assault}} was designed for, duh, Crusader. Very good card draw that helps both faster and slower decks. It's a card you knew you should expect and try to play around when possible.

Now what do we have? Tri-color, a combination of 3 classes, a mess, an abomination. The balance has been thrown out the window, and as I said, it's only going to get worse. Houses of Morrowind was the biggest mistake, and the latest expansion only made it worse by adding the rest of the tri-colors.

How would this problem be fixed? I'm going to suggest a very popular option: remove dual-color cards from tri-color. "But that would make tri-color so weak! What would poor Tribunal do without Edict? What would poor Ebonheart do without Histmage?" The option is to print more tri-color cards to truly give tri-colors an identity.

Alternatively, make a separate ladder with only dual-color decks, because I'm sick of stupid highroll combos that were never meant to be possible.

This will probably be ignored by the people that can actually make a change, but hey, one can always hope.

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