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The Little Things: Minor Musings and Ideas to Make ESO Even More Fun

TheElderScrolls9 - The Little Things: Minor Musings and Ideas to Make ESO Even More Fun

Ho there wanderers! Can I offer you a nice daydream in these trying times?

We can all agree that performance improvements, balanced classes, and new content are at the top of everyone’s wish list. But in my experience, those discussions get stressful and contentious real fast.

To contribute something a bit more lighthearted, I thought I'd share a list of curious and casual ideas that have popped into to my head while playing ESO in recent months. I'm not suggesting that ZOS should prioritize these things, or that they're essential solutions—I just think they're neat.

In any case, feel free to love them, hate them, or share ideas of your own. I hope everyone's staying safe out there!

  1. DLC Style Materials: Raw fragments of Shimmering Sand, Culanda Lacquer, etc. should drop from nodes in the newer zones (like Viridian Dust does in Vvardenfell). I know these mats are meant to be rare, but one more farming method would be nice. Why you holding out on us, ZOS?
  2. Named Overland Dragons: Every once in a while, a named version of a fire/lightning/iron/frost dragon could appear in Northern or Southern Elsweyr, with a chance to drop a unique set item.
  3. A Small Boost to Dragon Loot: Now that the initial hype has dwindled, Dragon hunting is a challenge: two guaranteed pack/pouch drops would make the fights a little more rewarding.
  4. Roaming Mobs: Some tougher overland mobs could roam around the map, like bosses in the Imperial City sewers. This would add a bit more life and dynamism to overland zones.
  5. Slightly More Gold from Quests: Nothing crazy, just a bump from 300/600 gold to 1000/2000 gold: enough to make questing a bit more rewarding without upsetting the economy.
  6. Gear Crates from Side Quests: In the Clockwork City, even minor side quests award a random gear crate. This helps entice players without necessitating more unique quest rewards.
  7. Major Quest Rewards: I'm talking the climactic rewards for major quest lines, like Titanborn's Axe or the Rootmender's Staff. It'd be fun if they had their own ability-altering set bonuses, like Maelstrom and Master's weapons. The bonuses could be intentionally worse than arena weapons, so they wouldn't compete—they'd just feel a bit more unique, and give casual players a chance to mess around with ability-altering weapons.
  8. Veteran Solo Instances: One of the biggest complaints about level scaling is that boss fights for major quests feel underwhelming. Perhaps we could have a "Veteran" setting just for solo quest instances, which awards more gold, more xp, transmute stones, etc.
  9. Elite Dungeon Difficulty: What if we had a third difficulty tier that is much harder, but can't be queued for—you have to enter with a group. They could feature new achievements, and a small chance for gold gear drops. This would give vets more reasons to run base-game dungeons.
  10. Finish Fixing Jewelry Writs: The blue writs were a great start, but too many purple and gold writs are ludicrously inefficient. Purple writs should start at 150 vouchers, and gold at 300+.
  11. Guild Traders: Let us filter by recipes and motifs we haven't learned. That is all.
  12. Recipe Shopping: Tooltips currently indicate whether we've learned a recipe (grey) or not (green). How about a third option, showing that you've learned it on another character (yellow)?
  13. Seated Emotes: it'd be nice if a handful of emotes (e.g. flute playing, or beer drinking) could be activated while seated. Maybe emotes like the horn blast could be activated while mounted?
  14. Emotes in Screenshot Mode: Let console players activate emotes in screenshot mode (even if the emote wheel isn't visible). We want to make "The Good Art" too.
  15. Mail: Can we get a “Refresh Mail” button? Is that technically feasible?
  16. Pet Interactions: It doesn't have to be every pet, but I'd love if certain pets had a single interaction, like a head pat or arm perch. Let me pet my damn dog, ZOS. YOU SAID YOU WERE WRONG.
  17. Trading Pets: This one is a little wild, but hear me out. ZOS would likely never allow mount trading, but what if we had a pet-trading system (a la Pokemon) that was exclusive to Crown Crate pets? If you could only trade one pet for another, it would make it more difficult to "sell" pets for gold, and would give veteran players something to do with the countless unused pets in their Collections.

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