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The Markarth update has been a disaster. The player base must send ZOS a message. Broken updates and lackluster DLCs should not be the norm.

TheElderScrolls14 - The Markarth update has been a disaster. The player base must send ZOS a message. Broken updates and lackluster DLCs should not be the norm.

ZOS does not care about its player base.


read it again: ZOS does not care about its player base.


I bought ESO for ps4 June of 2015 and I fell in love with it. I have been a subscribing ESO+ member for roughly 5 years and 5 months. However, in light of the size of this turd sammich that ZOS expects me to swallow, I'm done giving them money. At least, until they get their shit together.


If what ZOS says is true, there are over 13 million total accounts, and roughly 2.5 million monthly active players. Let's assume that the overwhelming majority of MAUs are ESO+ subscribers. At $15/month (assuming no bundled subscription packages), I have a feeling that if 1 million player accounts stopped subscribing to ESO+ and abstained from crown purchases for only a month some corporate suit type would finally get the hint. Think of it as a $15,000,000-20,000,000 suggestion note, not so quietly shoved into their suggestion box.


I'll remain a committed player and have no intention to quit. However, I truly feel that this is the only way that ZOS will stop this pattern of game breaking update/patch drops.


Zos has done this shit every update. This patch has been the biggest shit burrito they have ever attempted to push onto its players. Markarth was clearly rushed to point of absurdity. If we forget about the extreme number of bugs (lich crash (wtf?), LAs, extreme instance lag, etc.) the amount of content in this DLC is laughable! On the full Tamriel Map the outline of Markarth is nearly the same as Stormhaven.


Instead of a zone full of enriching and creative content, The Reach is full of boring and essentially repeated dialogue that we have already seen (OOOoh vampire witch things bad! Oh, not bad? bad tough guy king! Oh, not bad either? work together? GO TEAM!), hellishly boring fetch quests, poorly thought out and essentially redundant new sets, and a boring, barren, craggy, mountainous zone that is made up of 75%+ unpassable/unclimbable rock walls, and areas that we are unable to explore. The accessible fraction depressingly lacks all of the little things that make the base game great.



They don't give a flying fuck about our tickets, or forum posts. Hundreds of PTS forum bug posts, and presumably thousands of PTS bug tickets were ignored. Why they even have bug submission on the PTS is beyond me! ALL OF THE well discussed bugs that are in the PC patch were directly copied into the console version without any attempt to remedy pre drop. It's blatantly clear that ZOS doesn't use official player communication feedback channels as a reference during any hypothetical bug fixing sessions. Anecdotally, my, and several friends', critical posts on the official ESO forums have been deleted by @zosgregoryv faster than a "masks are compassionate" sign is stomped on at a Trump rally. They refer to criticism as "bashing" and then wave the possibility of permanent forum bans for continued criticism.


The final spread of shit icing on this shit cake has to be what they consider an acceptable remedy. Over a week ago @zoscorpoprguy let us know that a fix was on the way… just hold on until November 16th, and while you wait, please enjoy farming the double nodes since raiding is out of the question. Classic misdirection/bait-n-switcheroooo! Now they're saying December 2nd. MARKARTH WAS RELEASED NOVEMBER 9TH for console. How many of your high end, content ready, achievement capable endgame guilds are going to survive a month of fucked up raids?


The only thing they respond to is Δrevenue. A serious mass unsub, even temporary, would likely change zos' belief that the player base doesn't mind if they continuously sell us subpar and defective products.


"You are just what the Baandari ordered. Between your hands and Raz's good looks, we are certain to see this through."

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