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The Mean 3 (Trio of Illusion, Dark Desires, and Ambition)

TheElderScrolls13 - The Mean 3 (Trio of Illusion, Dark Desires, and Ambition)

In the Year 4E 210 (approximately nine years after the events of Skyrim) there lived three powerful individuals. One was a powerful Breton Illusion mage from High Rock, another one was a male minotaur from the Heartland of Cyrodiil. The third, and final member was an Imperial follower of Sanguine named Pompeia Luxasia, formerly a belly dancer, and priestess of Dibella from Anvil.

The Breton mage's name was Alarier Morecou (sometimes spelled Monacou). He was from Anticlere in High Rock. He was so powerful in Illusion, he once stole the free will of the entire town, and made the people believe he was the Emperor. He'd do the same thing to visitors. So the Empire was unable to send people to investigate without their free wills being stolen too, and turned into drone soldiers and servants. Even the local Duke of Anticlere was mentally enslaved, and made into the personal guard of Morecou. He had planned on amassing enough enslaved drones using the Orb of Vearmina and his own magic to conquer High Rock, and then Cyrodiil, and eventually all of Tamriel. However, a Rogue who was also a skilled illusion and shadow mage and had a powerful will was able to sneak inside the city and the palace without the mage noticing while he was sitting on the throne, for the Rogue had cast an invisibility spell, saw what was happening, then slipped out, and informed the nearby cities, who sent word to the King of High Rock, and other smaller kingdoms, as well as the emperor in Cyrodiil. The emperor saw how dangerous this threat was, and ordered a garrison to attack the city, and had the Imperial battlemages within the garrison craft special amulets to give to the soldiers so that they'd be immune to any illusion spells like Fury, Calm, Fear, or Mind Control. One 1st of Sun's Dusk, they attacked Anticlere, and killed a lot of the enthralled servants, and bisieged the castle, but Alarier Morecou was able to slip away using Invisibility and Chameleon spells. But his spell over the town, including the Duke was broke, this freed the town.

The Minotaur's name was Tirek Bighorn. He was very intelligent and wise. He wanted to force the Empire and the Dominion to recognize the Minotaurs as a sentient race like Gortwog had done the orcs centuries prior. He was charismatic and was able to unite the Minotaur tribes of Cyrodiil under a single cause and banner. He learned how the Minotaurs were once citizens under the Alessian Empire long ago, after was able to integrate into the rest of Tamrielic society, because of his "kind" behavior to everyone. He even studied at the Synod as a scholar before returning to the wild. When the Empire saw what he was doing, they dispatched six daring adventurers (their names and lives will be talked about in another post) to stop Tirek, and his Minotaur followers. Tirek had learned a spell, and was able to absorb the magicka, stamina, and health of other people, as well as skills. This would make him stronger and more powerful, when Tirek was assaulted the city of Chorrol with his army, he absorbed the stamina, health, and magicka from everyone in the city, making him bigger and stronger, he then sent an Imperial Guard survivor to the emperor with a Treaty of Recognition demanding that he rule Chorrol as "Count" and that the Minotaurs be recognized as a "Civilized" race of Tamriel, and that the Priests of Arkay perform a ritual in the Temple of the Divines in the Imperial City to "turn" the Minotaurs' souls from white to black, under the Laws of Arkay. The County Chorral would remain part of the Empire, and pay its taxes as well as "reparations." However, the Emperor refused to sign the treaty as he was not like his father Titus Mede II who loved to sign treaties with enemies of the Empire. He then sent a reply to Tirek telling them that the adventurers (the six ones from earlier) were on their way to stop him. They had not yet attempted to stop him, and were essentially on "stand by" until the Minotaur did something drastic. Their job was to monitor him until they got the opportunity to assassinate him, but that chance never happened. The six warriors were able to fight their way through the Minotaur guards into the Temple of Stendarr, whom Tirek had converted into a Temple of Arkay in an attempt to perform the Arkay ritual himself to give his species black souls. There was also some Alessian Shrines, and Morihaus shrines placed inside the castle, and temple, but the rest of the city was unharmed, but the civilian human, beast, and elven populace was weak as their energy was drained. They had no stamina, or magicka to fight, and their health was siphoned by Tirek, so they could get killed more easily by his guards if they tried to rebel, they were being used as bargaining power. Promising to release the humans to return to their daily lives in the Treaty if the Emperor signed it, but the High Elves, Khajiit, and Wood Elves would need to leave Chorrol to return to their home provinces respectively to bargain with local Dominion authorities, they would have been escorted by both Imperial, and Minotaur guards. The Dark Elves, and Argonians would be able to remain in Chorral, like the humans though. There were no Echmer in town at the time of Tirek's attack, so no "forced representative" would have been able to return to Ynslea had the Treaty been signed. Nor was there anyone from Roscrea, Cathnoquey, or Esroniet in town. The six heroes bested Tirek, despite his strength, magic, power, and strong weapon. His stolen energy was returned to the civilian populace, and they felt rejuvenated, but they did not kill Tirek. As they were followers of Stendarr, and were in Stendarr's temple, they decided to show Tirek mercy. The rest of army was defeated and scattered by a contingent of Imperial guards from Pale Pass who were originally on standby to attack Skyrim to intervene in the Stormcloak Rebellion.

The last villain was a bisexual lady from Anvil named Pompeia Luxasia. She was a nobody until she joined the Sisterhood of Dibella at age 18, then she became one of the best priestesses and belly dancers in the Temple in little more than five years due to her talent, and became strong with her belly magic, and sex magic. She was also a bard, and a strong artist, blessed by Dibella herself. She was even given the Brush of Truepaint, and was able to paint her own painted Minotaur body guards to honor Tirek because she believed in his ambitious cause to have his race recognized as "people" by the rest of Tamriel. She could get sex from anyone in the city because of her great beauty, and charisma. She could sleep with anyone she wanted, with no effort on her part. Everyone wanted to have sex with her, male and female alike, each time she had sex, it made her more beautiful, and her powers became stronger. Her words sweeter, her magic stronger, her art more beautiful, and she was able to write better songs. Indeed one can argue that she was on the road to Mantling Dibella and supplicating her, and turning into the goddess herself. Mantling is where you walk like someone until you can no longer tell the difference between the two individuals. You walk like them, think like them, and act like them until you become them and they become you, and nobody can tell the difference between the two. The Empire even wanted to make her countess of Anvil due to her greatness, but she declined, as she did not want political power like Alarier Morecou and Tirek. One day, an Incubus, and another follower from Sanguine tempted her to sleep with them, then drugged her with skooma. She enjoyed being high on Skooma, and enjoyed the darker sides of sex that Sanguine's Incubus, a Redguard named Tyrone from Hammerfell had to offer her. She then wanted to meet with Sanguine himself, so she traveled to a hidden shrine and summoned him, and he manifested as Sam Guevenne. They had sex, then he gave her some ideas for some kinky dark fetishes. You see, Pompeia hated sexual assault, like every normal person should, however she herself was a product of rape, because her mother was raped by a bandit marauder while she was visiting Skyrim, and she got pregnant with Pompeia. Her mother did not like to look at Pompeia growing up, and did not treat her like a daughter, but rather a "friend, or sister." She did not find out why until she joined the Temple of Dibella and pursued a career in the sex, and beauty industry as a belly dancer, and priestess of Dibella. That is when she learned, her mother had been raped, and she was a product of rape. She swore to her mother that she would fight sexual assault where ever she found it. Well, Sanguine tempted her with a creative way to fight it. Punish the rapists, and not just rapists and pedophiles, SUSPECTED rapists too. So all it took was an allegation. What she would do to satisfy her new dark fetish, was tightly circumcise the males, she would not castrate them because she would then proceed to rape them as they are bleeding from their circumcision. Then she would try to get pregnant from her assault so she could abort the baby in front of her captives then eat the dead baby right in front of them. But as Sanguine's influence took over her mind, she soon stopped doing this to rapists, pedophiles, and suspected offenders. She would send out her painted guardians, and the Knights of of the Lily who protect the Sisterhood of Dibella to "arrest" random men on the street to bring them to her. Then she would take them to her private dungeon in her mansion. She still served the Temple as a Belly Dancer, and priestess, and still occasionally performed as a bard, so the temple just assumed she took them off to kill them, or brand them with a spell that forced them to become asexual so they have no interest in sex ever again so they could not rape anyone. But this was not the case at all. One day, the rogue who was responsible for sneaking into Anticlere and taking down the mage Alarier Manacou, and was also one of the six adventurers who brought down Tirek, snuck into Pompeia's mansion Luxasia Manor, formerly known as Benrius Manor to investigate lound sounds that sounded like screams. The guard thought that someone had broke in to harm the great Pompeia Luxasia. What the rogue found out was repulsive in the basement. Young men, Old men, middle aged men, and young boys from elderly adults, to teenager years to as young as five were found in her basement, some were dead and all of them had their sacred beautiful foreskins missing, some were even missing their entire members, and "balls." The dead ones would be resurrected using necromancy to serve Pompeia in her dark fetishes that had now included, Circumcision fetish, castration fetish, abortion fetish, Necrophilia, and Urophilia. There were dead aborted fetuses on the ground, some had been partially eaten, and some were resurrected as undead thralls. Not one captive prisoner had an intact foreskin. Sanguine had twisted her mind to where she had now become what she swore to destroy. A rapist, and pedophile. When this was discovered the rogue reported it to the town guard, as well as the Temple of Dibella who sent the Knights of the Lily in to arrest her. She was exiled from the temple, excommunicated, and arrested. This enraged Pompeia because her mind was given over to a reprobate mindset by Sanguine who twisted her into believing she was doing something right, when in reality, she was just fulfilling a dark desire that no longer even targeted rapists, and pedophiles, but had now targeted the innocent.

One day, the Illusion mage Alarier Manacou who had plotted to overthrow the emperor who had now altered his appearance using the Flesh Sculptor in Riften in Skyrim to avoid being recognized was in Anvil, and heard of Pompeia's arrest. He wanted to meet her, and convinced the guard captain, Head Priestess of Dibella, and Knight Order of the Lily captain to let him interview her in prison. When he went in, he instead whispered to her some ways she can get her revenge on the Temple of Dibella, and the Empire for arresting her for practicing her dark evil fetishes. He slipped her a lockpick, and invisibility scroll, then he told her how he wanted to meet with Tirek also. She grinned and smiled very evil, then when the guard left with the mage, she picked the lock on her cell door, then said aloud "LOOK OUT BOYS! I AM COMING FOR YOUR HOLY FORESKINS! AND YOU WILL SERVE ME IN MY KINK DUNGEON FOR MY PLEASURE! I AM SANGUINE'S DOMINATRIX! ALL MEN SHOULD SUBMIT TO WOMEN AS SUBS! SURRENDER YOUR FORESKINS TO ME! I WILL ABORT YOUR BABIES FOR MY OWN PLEASURE!" She then used the invisibility scroll, and slipped out of prison. Meanwhile, Alarier went to meet Tirek who had been given a pardon from the Imperial Government that if he was seen in a city ever again, he would be killed. Alarier Manacou told Tirek that he would allow Tirek to rule Chorral as Count and issue a decree recognizing the Minotaurs as people and citizens of the Empire if Tirek assisted him in conquering Tamriel. Tirek agreed. They then traveled to Sanguine's statue where Pompeia Luxasia fled after breaking out of prison. She met the duo, and they offered her County Anvil, and all the males in the city for her own pleasure should she assist in conquering the Empire, and the Dominion. Previously, she did not want political power, but now she did, so she can legalize her wicked dark fetishes, and cannot get in trouble anymore for what she did. She also wanted REVENGE on Dibella, and the Temple for excommunicating her. She then made an offering at the shrine of Sanguine and promised to defile the Temple of Dibella and convert it into a shrine to Sanguine, and that she would offer the foreskins of the men to him. As a former priestess of Dibella, she had respect for all the divines when she was a priestess (no respect anymore obviously), and even secretly still paid homage to Talos while she was a priestess; she wanted to conquer the Dominion, and castrate the Dominion males, and circumcise them for invading the Empire and forcing the Empire to outlaw Talos worship. Pompeia made another offer to Sanguine, then the trio all agreed in a wicked pact sharing each other's powers, and magical abilities, and combat prowess. The three sealed the Divine agreement on Sanguine's altar, and had a threesome sex orgy and covered each other in blood, sexual fluids, drugs, and alcohol. This pleased Sanguine who blessed each of them. He then turned Pompeia Luxasia into a Succubus Vampire Lord. Her Vampire Lord form unlike the one from Molag Bal was from Sanguine, and her wings was that of a Succubus instead of a normal Vampire Lord. She was granted the Title "Succubus Lord" and was given dominion over Sanguine's Dremora, Dark Seducers, Vampires, Succubus, and Incubus followers. Pompeia could feed from Blood if she wanted, or from having sex, and she was made immune to sunlight. She then offered Sanguine Dibella's Brush of Truepaint. He corrupted it to make it able to paint an Oblivion realm to escape too if Pompeia ever gets in trouble. Sanguine then gave Alarier Manacou the Rose of Sanguine, and blessed Tirek with increased Testosterone, whom being a Minotaur already has more than a thousand elves, a hundred men, and ten orcs. He then blessed the Minotaur race with a stronger "rut, mating, heat season" to give the Minotaurs increased strength. They would maintain this power, if the Minotaurs agreed to sacrifice human and elven babies to him on fiery altars.


The plan was set! Tirek would send Ulfric Stormcloak some Minotaurs to aid him in his rebellion in Skyrim. There had been an unending truce since 4E 201 due to the Dragon Crisis. The new Minotaur reinforcements would give Ulfric the extra manpower he needs to secede from the Empire. But Ulfric would need to agree to recognize the Minotaurs as a sentient species, and citizens of Skyrim. Tirek would then gather another army of Minotaurs to attack and hold Chorral, and Bruma. This time he would not absorb the strength, magicka, stamina, and health from everyone, and only resisting individuals. He captured Chorral with a Minotaur army, along with political supporters. He then marched on Bruma, this caused the Imperial Garrison at Pale Pass who was blocked from entering Skyrim due to constant avalanches to turn to defend and retake Bruma, but Tirek had a plan, he used one of his Minotaur Shaman mages to open a portal to Windhelm to meet Jarl Ulfric's Court Wizard. Who agreed to re-position the Stormcloak Frostmages responsible for the avalanches in Pale Pass on the mountains outside Bruma, where they would do what they do best, use their frost spells to trigger an avalanche to drown the Legion, to stop them from retaking Bruma. Meanwhile, Pompeia Luxasia, now a powerful Vampire Lord manifested at night in the center of Anvil, and used some of the magic shared with her from Alarier and Tirek to cast a strong mind control Illusion spell that Alarier had used in Anticlere. She stripped the town of free will, then forced the males through mind control to all grab knives, and daggers, and then strip, and circumcise themselves. The blood spilled from their genitals was gathered by Daedra Seducers, Succubi, and Incubi and given to Lady Pompeia Luxasia, who then drank the blood to strengthen her new vampiric powers. She then disabled the mind control spell. When the men saw what they had done to their members, they cried in the streets. But the Daedra companions, and Painted Guardians that Pompeia created with the Corrupted Brush of True Paint attacked the men to silent them, and beat them into submission. The women of the city were all turned into vampires, circumcisers, and succubus warriors. Donning the banner of Sanguine, and the new Countess Pompeia Luxasia. The women who refused to follow Luxasia to become vampires, succubus, and circumcisers had their strength, stamina, magicka, and health siphoned by Pompeia to transfer to Tirek in Bruma by portal to enhance his strength. All that was left to conquer of the city now was the Temple of Dibella, whom was shielded by powerful magic from the priestesses, and the Order of the Lily. Lady Pompeia ordered her followers, and minions to attack it, and throw everything they had at it. But the Daedra could not enter the Temple, however, the mortal succubus, and incubus followers could. The Daedra could still shoot magic at the temple. When the barrier was dispelled, Pompeia's followers rushed in, and butchered the priestesses, they stripped the armor from the Knights of the Lily. One of the conditions of the surrender is that all males must be tightly circumcised, and the females must be the ones to perform it. So the succubi, and vampires took them out into the street, drank their blood, drained them of sexual fluids, and had the female circumcisers come out to circumcise them. The circumcisers were the only females allowed to remain mortal. The other females had to become either succubus, or vampires. When the circumcisers were not mutilating male genitalia, they served on the front line as cannon fodder for the enemy soldiers, but any enemies captured were tightly circumcised with frenulums removed, then laughed at for now having a mutilated penis. Some of the circumcisers also signed the men right above their genitalia to forever remind them who the woman was that circumcised them. The women would then put a "foreskin count" mark on their armor, and each time they mutilated someone, they would put another mark on their armor to show their "body count." It was now time for Pompeia to attack Kvatch and Valenwood. This would be the first time that anyone has invaded Dominion territory since the Coup in 4E 40. She led the assault herself on Valenwood, and sent mind controlled male slaves to attack Kvatch, along with Circumcisers, and Dark Seducers, with vampire, and succubus officers, But her main force was with her, which consisted of vampires, Dremora, Seducers, Xibilai, Circumcisers, Succubus, Incubus (the only males who were not circumcised or castrated) and Painted creatures created with Brush of True Paint. Kvatch surrendered quickly after hearing about what happened in Anvil, Chorral, and Bruma, and then all the men, and young boys were forcefully circumcised by the women, who laughed at them. Many women at Kvatch willingly agreed to join Pompeia. Then some were also sent to aid Tirek who was now attacking Cheydinhal. Alarier Manacou attacked Bravil with an army of Dremora summoned from the Rose of Sanguine. Then used Illusion magic to force the Guard force to fight for him. And also casted the spell on the nearby forts with Orb of Vearmina to amplify his power. He now had several Imperial Legions under his command via mind control. Unlike Pompeia, he did not do the same things she did, so he did not circumcise them, or force them to become undead, or incubus. He only stole their free will.

The Dominion troops in Valenwood were not prepared to fight Pompeia. They were trained to fight Imperials, not Daedra, Vampires, or Succubus, and Incubus. They fell by the thousands. Those not killed were captured and circumcised, some were castrated too. It was Pompeia's fetish revenge on them for invading the Empire and outlawing Talos worship. Reaper's March was torched, along with the rest of Northern Valenwood. Pompeia then divided her forces to attack the Northern Elsweyr kingdom of Anequina. While she continued to Grahtwood. Meanwhile, Alarier captured Leyawiin, and Tirek finished his assault on Cheydinhal. His minotaur, and political militia forces rendezvous with Pompeia's 12th Circumcising Company that had circumcisers, and male slaves, and 12th Seducer company which had Dark Seducers. The two companies were the ones sent to Kvatch when Pompeia invaded Valenwood. Many of Tirek's political militia allies deserted when they saw that Pompeia was on their side as an "ally" because they thought they were going to fight them instead of Skingrad. It was mostly just Minotaurs that remained, but Tirek absorbed the stamina, health, and magicka of the deserting civilian militia forces, and Imperial deserters. But he let them go. Together, with his Minotaurs, and Pompeia's forces, they crushed Skingrad. Skingrad's new count was weak, for they lost their great Count Hassildor during the Great War with the Aldmeri Dominion. Alarier Manacou then attacked Anequina on the Eastern side to meet up with Pompeia's forces in the middle, but the Khajiit were able to fight back and defeat Pompeia's forces, and pushed them back to Riverhold. Meanwhile, the Bosmer in Grahtwood invoke to Great Hunt to protect their sacred foreskins from Pompeia. They turned into all manner of beasts. This time, the females did NOT want to join Pompeia, and fought back against her along with the wild beasts for to a stalemate until Dominion reinforcements could arrive. When they did, the Vinedusk rangers, Dominion troops, and Great Hunt beasts, surrounded Pompeia's forces. They were able to defeat them, but Pompeia flew away in Vampire Lord form, the resulting battle resulting in Elden Root, the capital of Valenwood burning to the ground, but all of her forces in that battle were killed including the circumcisers, who had been captured, and had their own labias, and clitoral hoods on their vaginas circumcised by men. Pompeia's Daedra were banished to Oblivion, and the Incubus, and Succubus followers were soul trapped, and offered to the Ideal Masters by a group of Dominion Necromancers.

Alarier captured Rimmen, but when he heard news of Pompeia's defeat, he retreated back to Cyrodiil but left a garrison to defend Rimmen. But then, out of nowhere, the Argonians from Black Marsh invaded Cyrodiil to stop Alarier because they were warned by the Hist about the dangerous Trio known as the Mean 3. The Argonians rushed with such ferocity and was similar to how they invaded the Deadlands during Oblivion Crisis, and when they invaded Morrowind. They drank some special hist sap that made them immune to mind control spells, and they were able to LIBERATE Leyawiin, then Bravil shortly afterward. Meanwhile the Khajiit retook Rimmen. Alarier had to slip away to meet up with Tirek and Pompeia, and he used an illusion spell to slip away as before when he was in High Rock.

Alarier's illusion wore off his forces, so they then joined the An-Xileel Argonians and praised them for rescuing them and freeing them from the mind control spell. All that were left were his Dremora summons from the Rose of Sanguine, but there were only a few contigents of them, because Alarier mostly relied on mind control enslaved thralls, and only used Daedra when he knew his Illusions would not work or be enough. But the Dremora were butchered. Some remembered being killed during the Oblivion Crisis by the An-Xileel, and fled in fear from the Argonian Behemoths, and An-Xileel soldiers. But were cut down, and reminded once again to never fight Argonians.

Northern Valenwood was retaken, but Dune, and Arenthia was able to hold out after receiving Pompeia, and Tirek's Minotaur reinforcements from Cyrodiil. Tirek, and Pompeia now regrouping were preparing to attack the Imperial City when Alarier Manacou arrived to back them up, but the Imperials were ready this time, and fought with all their might, and were able to destroy the Minotaur army, and left-wing Minotaur rights militia activists. The vampires were killed with fire spells from Imperial battlemages, the succubus, and incubus warriors, cut down by Phalanx troops (like in movie 300) The Painted Trolls, and other Painted Creatures were defeated with water magic (the water caused the paint to ruin, so it liquidated them) The Circumcisers were focused on the most however, as the Imperial Battlemages, especially the male ones, and married females who loved their husbands foreskin rained down the most dangerous powerful destruction spells they could on the proud female supremacist circumcisers. So many fire spells, lighting, and elemental spells were rained upon them that they were rendered blind from all the light before the fire balls can even land on them. It charred their armor, and burned them so bad, that that they KNEW then that what they had done to all those men were wrong, and that they were now looking Lady Karma if the face. The Battlemages made sure, that their fire, and electric spells also hit the circumciser's genitals, many of them also got soul trapped before being killed. The battlemages, then summoned a meteor fireball to land on the other circumcising reinforcements, the meteors were so powerful that they shook the ground, and caused massive Earthquakes, no mercy was allowed for them. Out of all the female circumcisers that agreed to join Pompeia initially, only 1,000 were remained after the entire war, and they were forced to be circumcised themselves and have their clitoral hoods removed. The mind controlled troops were freed by Illusionists from the College of Whispers, and Synod, and then promptly assisted the Empire against the remaining vampires, Minotaurs, Daedra, Succubus, and Incubus. There were no more circumcisers to fight though, for they all had surrendered or been cooked alive by now, and were nothing but ashes now. Some of them did not even have any ashes remaining. The Mean 3's forces were utterly annihilated, and Dominion troops eventually also retook Arenthia, and Dune by using powerful Thalmor wizards who were veterans of the Great War, and Oblivion Crisis. Again, the Circumcisers, Painted creatures, and Daedra were totally annihilated from really powerful magic. Whom, they were not used to fighting against, because they were used to close quarters combat, so they can easily circumcise the male penis while in close combat. Them being set on fire, and having their blood, and cells frozen by ice, and being drowned with water magic up close, or electrocuted definitely made it a thousand times harder for them to grab and cut the men's junk despite being up close and personal. One cannot focus on somebody's penis while burning to death, and screaming. A lot of female agonizing screams were heard that night when the Imperial City were defended by the Empire, and the Dominion retook Arenthia, and Dune. One wonders how they could even circumcise a Khajiit, but a few of them were also mutilated, but they had a hard time cutting Senche-rahts, due to them basically being like large tigers with powerful teeth and claws. No Argonians were circumcised, because the Argonians only fought Alarier's forces in Eastern Cyrodiil. Meanwhile, Cheydinhal was liberated by a peasant rebellion who did not want to be ruled by Minotaurs, and Bruma was liberated when the Stormcloaks realized the Empire would soon recapture Bruma, and they crossed from Skyrim's Falkreath hold at Fort Neugrad to capture Bruma from Tirek's Minotaurs for negotiating power. All the Minotaurs in the Stormcloak army remained loyal to Ulfric, because Ulfric already agreed to recognize them as a civilized race. But most Nords just treated them as beasts of war to be used as weapons, and little more, so outside of military Stormcloak service, they get little respect. The Empire themselves made a counterattack, and retook Skingrad, and Kvatch. But each time they attacked the Trio themselves, entire battalions were destroyed with little effort. No, the empire had to rely on the six legendary heroes that stopped Tirek to defeat the Mean 3. The Empire agreed, that they could keep their first initial city holdings if they defeat the six heroes. So Pompeia could keep Anvil, Tirek could keep Chorral, and the High Rock kingdom of Anticlere will be given to Alarier. But only if they could defeat the six heroes. They would meet in the plains of Whiterun in Skyrim to fight, near Rorikstead.

Pompeia turned into her Vampire Lord form, with the Brush of True Paint in one hand, a spell in the other, and an enchanted circumcising dagger strapped to her side. Alarier had the Sanguine Rose, and the Orb of Vaermina, and Tirek had a Powerful Warhammer that he crafted and enchanted himself that he could wield in one hand. He also had powerful magic of his own that he could cast with his horns and other hand. Tirek was a master at absorbing magic, stamina, and health from others with his magic, and could also wield powerful alteration magic, fire magic, and Earth magic. He could easily summon a meteor fireball himself with his horns. Alarier said "you guys just cannot accept defeat before you even realize there is a fight can you! You may have defeated our armies, but you stand no chance against us together as individuals!" "This is all the Empire can send against us now?" said Pompeia. "Prepare to meet your demise." Said Tirek. Then the three combined their magic to cast a really powerful destruction spell towards the six that could destroy an entire city (equivalent to a nuclear explosion that destroyed Hiroshima in real life in power, because the three combined their magic, and casted together.) But the six also combined their magic, to create a powerful ward that protected them from the spell. They then proceeded to battle, and the Rogue and Pompeia in particular had it in for each other. Stories differ from what happened that day, but the shockwaves from powerful magic from the six heroes, and three villains could be heard as far as Solitude, and Windhelm. The town of Rorikstead was destroyed, and windows were blown out as far as Whiterun, and rebuilt Helgen. In the end, the villains were destroyed when one of the heroes used the Elder Scroll that had been given to them by the Last Dragonborn to "freeze" the trio in time. Not send them forward like how Alduin got sent forward, but freezing them in place like a statue. Pompeia, Alarier, and Tirek stuck in a permanent position, and remain like to this day where travelers will happen by them in the plains of Whiterun, and draw on them, or cut off pieces of flesh, or do their own wicked things to the frozen trio. They are permanently stuck in place, but are still conscious, but cannot move even their lips, but can feel everything, but cannot die, or heal themselves. If one of them gets their head chopped off, they will feel that forever. Rumor has it that one of the male victims of Pompeia's circumcision campaign who was also a former Knight of the Lily that originally protected her came out to her in the plains of Whiterun, while she was still frozen in time in her Vampire Lord form, and cut off her Vampire Lord wings, and her eyes, then shoved an enchanted dagger of fire embers up her vagina. She felt everything, but could not move. Tirek was mostly left alone but his armor, and weapon was stolen, and he was turned upside down, and his horns then got stuck in the permafrost ground. This caused him to feel a freezing, burning pain on his head for all eternity. Alarier was decapitated, and his hands were cut off, and was forced to feel that pain for all eternity, none of them were able to die due to being frozen in time. Soon, the insects claimed the bodies, and they felt the worms, and bugs eat them, but again could not die even as chunks of them were digested in the bodies of animals. The empire retook Chorral, and Anvil, and restored the Chapel of Anvil.

Let the Mean 3 serve as a reminder. Never underestimate the power of Illusion magic, never underestimate Sanguine, never underestimate a minotaur, and never allow someone with a freak fetish near you. You could end up in bondage, or missing something you really value, especially if you are a male.

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Top 10 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2020

2020 will have something to satisfy classic and modern gamers alike. To be eligible for the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there should be good reason to expect its release in that year. Therefore, upcoming games with a mere announcement and no discernible release date will not be included.

Top 15 NEW Games of 2020 [FIRST HALF]

2020 has a ton to look forward the video gaming world. Here are fifteen games we're looking forward to in the first half of 2020.

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