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The most overlooked of tools or soldiers, in my personal opinion.

TheElderScrolls4 - The most overlooked of tools or soldiers, in my personal opinion.

Greetings, fine people of Tamriel!

Today I want to bring a few fine men, creatures and structures to your attention! I believe for these to be of a much higher value and quality than currently perceived, perhaps to the point where it is in your best interest to try these in your formations! I shall list them from least to most underappreciated:

5. Wabbajack

Currently, Sheogorath's presumably favorite staff (for all we know he might not be entirely honest with us) sees no use. It is a shame. Although it involves luck, Wabbajack is able to completely turn the tide of the battle a total of three times! Its use is also very versatile! You can use it as an expensive means of (probably) disregarding opponent's unit Guarding the lane, or on your own weaker soldiers for a chance to turn them into monsters of all kind! This is now more important than ever with Recruits from faithful soldiers like Renowned Instructor or Empire Recruiter! Its placement is low due to the potential to perceive using Wabbajack's power on an allied soldier as abuse and it is a terrifying concept to behold!

4. Haskill

Haskill's voice is a music to my ears and it is a pity that we hear it so seldom! In aggressive formations, Haskill's potential cannot be underestimated, especially when soldiers specializing in Agility are involved! Suran Pawnbroker, Spoils of War and even Ghost Fanatic all allow you to easily meet Haskill's condition the turn after his arrival on the battlefield, which can often lead to unfathomable advantage! His physique makes him a perfectly servicable fighter who will survive a fight against a number of popular creatures!

3. Mecinar's Will

I assure you, I am not possessed by evil forces! Mecinar's Will is a tremendous card for expansive formations whose Willpower is extraordinary! These tend to deploy very aggressive Charging creatures and soldiers starting from the fifth day of the battle onwards. Mecinar's Will allows you to trick this into a formation normally lacking this specific form of aggression, while simuntaneously potentially taking care of a Guard or any sneakier Lethal unit! I believe a singular use of Mecinar's Will in your formation would greatly benefit any and all willing to try it out!

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2. Prison Ship

Similarly to how Mecinar's Will performs strongest when your opponent least expects it, Prison Ship's effectiveness is amplified in formations where Shackle is not expected, despite Dwarven Sphere being an option since the dawn of time. Ship is a sturdy construction, capable of withstanding at least one attack before going down, and can be protected by Guards also present in this attribute. It is also a great recipient of power enhancing techniques from Fifth Legion Trainer, Divine Fervor or myself, for instance! In a way its low power means Odirniran Necromancer can bring it back and I am not going to question how is a necromancer able to revive a ship! There are also formations in which vitality turns into strength, with High Hrothgar, Steel-Eyed Visionary or Ring of Imaginary Might!

1. Angry Grahl

Angry Grahl takes the first spot on my list because its very presence is overlooked! As a mighty fine combatant by the name TurquoiseLink pointed out, Angry Grahl effectively has 4 power, 6 health and ability to heal itself at the start of your day! This means his strengths as a unit are very comparable to Varen Aquilarios – Grahl greatly benefits from battlefield training and Divine Fervor not unlike Prison Ship. The similarities do not end there, as Angry Grahl is a big creature that Odirniran Necromancer can bring back to life without any external help! I wholeheartedly believe its place in formations meaning to end the battle between turns 5 and 9 is potentially invaluable and this creature deserves some justice! I cannot overstate how much potential lies in that Grahl.

What are your choices, fine people of Tamriel?

Glory to the Empire!

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