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The mysterious Naphtali race in the Illiac Bay.

TheElderScrolls8 - The mysterious Naphtali race in the Illiac Bay.

For thousands of years, this mysterious, reclusive race of humans have lived in the Illiac Bay region primarily around the areas of Lainlyn, but some groups live in other regions in High Rock, and Hammerfell also. Mostly living in extremely rural communities, in the middle of the deserts, or near mountains. Where most civilized folk will never consider living. A member of the University of Gwylim has interviewed a few members of this race. They appear to be descended from the ancient Nedic tribes, and are very Lorkhanic in their religious beliefs despite being masters of Mysticism, and displaying Anuic qualities in their personalities, and magical practices. Indeed, despite having such a smaller number of members of their race, many of their talented mages have joined the Psijic Order to continue their pursuit of Mysticism. The Naphtali race is very reclusive, and isolationist. Very quiet. Though some have goblin servants. They also have Centaurs living among them. Centaurs are true followers of the Old Ways according to the Psijic Order. Though these centaurs of High Rock appear more docile than the ones in Valenwood, and can be calmed down if you can speak their language. I saw one Naphtali child get on a Centaur, and ride it!

I interviewed a few Naphtali elders from a few different Naphtali settlements. They look like a mix of Redguard, and Bretons, but some have more darker pigment in their skins, and some look more light, or fair skinned. Some were brown also. Almost like a bronze color. They told me they served Lorkhan, whom they call Sep just like the local Redguards. Though this might've just been adoption of the Redguard name for Lorkhan, as some also called him Sheor. Some of them worship Dibella, Julianos, and Akatosh also, but chief of their religion was Lorkhan, Anu, and a figure they called Amaranth.


They also practice a very strange ritual after a male infant is eight days old, they perform a ritual known as "circumcision" on the baby. I asked what this was, and they told me it was a ritual to enhance the male's mystical abilities. The Naphtali are very patriarchal in nature. The women are treated as servants, and the males are the ones that become mages, and masters of mysticism. However, they allow women to perform the circumcisions on the male babies. I still did not know what this was, so I asked if they could explain it more to me. They offered to show me instead. They took me into a temple where a baby was getting circumcised that day. The male Naphtali priest rode in on his Centaur, and got off and went inside, and blessed the baby. Then a goblin servant brought out some tools, what looked like calipers. Then a woman came in with her male baby, and handed it to another woman who was the wife of the priest. The baby's name was Joseph. I will never forget the horrors of what happened next. She took off the baby's clothes, strapped him to a table, took the calipers, and began too…I am going to stop there. The screams were unbearable. I heard the woman say something like "Lady Dibella, goddess of beauty please guide my hands to help make Joseph's member beautiful in your image, the way you see fit." I ran out of there as fast as I could. The Naphtali invited me to come visit again some day, and also offered magical transportation to a couple of other rural, and hidden settlements they have in High Rock, and Hammerfell, but I was too grossed out. So I generously declined.

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