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The new CP system on PTS is incredibly counterproductive to the stated goal of increasing horizontal progression.

TheElderScrolls12 - The new CP system on PTS is incredibly counterproductive to the stated goal of increasing horizontal progression.

It does not appear that the intended goal of increased Horizontal progression will be met with these changes. In fact, it does the opposite- it raises the requirement to begin going to horizontal progression from vertical massively.

Horizontal progression would imply that for everything we gain something would have to be lost- IE When we already have all the non-slottable passives unlocked and are spending points on passives that require slots despite us having 4 slots filled already- Giving us flexibility to change our role.

However, using the red tree as an example, there is a requirement of a whopping 938 points in non-slottable passives alone to unlock, and then for 4 slottables this brings the effective minimum total to 1138 Red CP, or a total CP of 3414.

Effectively, there is vertical progression until CP 3414, and the horizontal progression ends at CP 3564, at which you have earned a mere single additional slottable passive to swap out freely. CP levels on PTS also do not appear to have been notably reduced.

Balance concerns as to the power levels of the new CP tree vs the old one aside, I would strongly encourage ZOS to consider a massive cost reduction to ALL cp costs- potentially to 1/5th or 1/10th their current costs. As an example the red tree holds 1838 CP, meaning total CP needed of 5514 to finalize your horizontal progression.

The Blue tree is massively worse. 910 passive non-slottable points, and 1150 slottable points- This would require you to be a theoretical CP 6180 to end your horizontal progression, and horizontal progression would only start at CP 3330. Once again it would end at CP 3480, with a single "flex" slot unlocked.


This also has the unrewarding feeling of making each individual CP gain feel entirely meaningless. When you get one, what happens? You've earned a tenth of a fifth of an upgrade in a single perk in a single tree? It's effectively a "Come back when you have earned 149 more CP"- a daunting task.

I would strongly suggest that costs of the passive and active requirements massively to the point that you want vertical progression to end would allow you to buy all passives that do not need to be slotted and 4 passives.

IE- if this is CP 900ish as the dev team has stated, then with 300 CP you would need to be able to buy 4 passives that need to be slotted and all the non-slottable passives. In order for this to fit, that's approximately a 4x cost reduction on average. – Note this is completely ignoring the tree nature, which requires you to distribue points to things to be able to distribue points where you want them, effectively increasing the minimum demands of CP. Everything being 5x cheaper may be more accurate.

TLDR- unless ZOS makes everything 5 times cheaper (or more for the passives that do not need to be slotted), this is actually counterproductive to decreasing vertical progression/increasing horizontal progression because you need to be CP 3300+ to get any flexibility and you only get a single flex perk.

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