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The Only Thing That Still Irks Me About Jewelry Crafting…Add Your Thoughts Too!

TheElderScrolls6 - The Only Thing That Still Irks Me About Jewelry Crafting...Add Your Thoughts Too!
 The only mistakes, in my opinion, that were made with this system were the platings, and Master Writs. The market for the grains and platings is extremely high. 2-5k for greens, 10-15k for blues, 25/50k for a purple, and 75-100k+ for gold (these are for whole platings). Nine times out of ten, the legendary master writs aren’t even worth making, simply because Chromium Plating is so high. When this system was put in place it should have been (and frankly should be changed) that entire platings were given for decon. EVERY OTHER CRAFTING SYSTEM DOES THIS. When you refine mats/decon gold blacksmithing items, do you get 1/10th of a temp? get a whole piece. The market for the other crafting systems is fairly reasonable for the most part. Why? Because there’s a greater availability of upgrade mats. If anyone from Zeni reads this...I love you guys. You’ve been awesome to me. I’ve been playing for over two years. I just think crafters like myself would have a better time if the jewelry system was the same mechanics as the others, blacksmithing/clothing/etc. When I had this discussion with my fellow officers/guild mates, we agreed that grains would maybe be better put in as rewards for daily boxes, or harvesting seams. Something further HAS to change in order to even out this market, and make jewelry crafting more accessible for everyone. Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments<3 And enjoy the New Life Festival everyone! Fun times in Tamriel! 


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