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The Elder Scrolls 6 will play a few years after the events of Skyrim. The Thalmor attack Hammerfell and have taken over the entire province and destroyed the last tower (the adamantine tower) in tamriel. The nine give you the task to "build" new towers and to recapture Hammerfell with an army of redguards and volunteers from all over Tamriel (veterans from the first great war and so on). (The game begins by being captured by the Imperial and on the way from Hammerfell to highrock, in the alik'r desert, the main character falls from the wagon and is alone in a huge desert, he almost dies of thirst and becomes unconscious, a man who later becomes his friend and helps him with the battles, finds him and is bringinghim to high rock). It's a very emotional story, it first builds up a friendship between comrades and then they fall during the story.(at the beginning there are about 30 thousand soldiers) there will be huge battles, on the water with ships (as in assasins creed black flag) or on land as in lord of the rings. Meanwhile the main character makes a development and will be general of the army at the end. As you take more and more settlements, you will have to rebuild them completely (Fallout 4 Settlement system, only more complex, with economy, trade with the other settlements etc) the main character will become more and more vengeful (one of many decisions) and at the battle of Sentinel (last city to be taken) there will be only 1000 soldiers and in the city there will be the thalmor with 20000 men supported by dragons (at the beginning of the battle the main character is still travelling, in high hrotghar because he was approached at a vision that he should ride to skyrim immediately, he is away for a few months and learns the way of voice) . In Sentinel it looks very bad, 500 soldiers are still there. 500 who must save all of Tamriel. the hope slowly disappears and when they want to retreat, the main character comes back with an army of nords and a fus ro dah to greet the enemies :p. (he learned in high hrotghar) Within minutes the thalmor and the dragons and the skamps are done. But it is far from over. the new towers haveto be set in all provinces of tamriel with an artifact of the gods. the main character is travelling with his friends (linear section in the game). meanwhile the army has pushed the thalmor back to cyrodiil and the imperials have got the stick out of their ass and dare to fight the thalmor now. There will be hard battles in Cyrodiil. But the Imperials win with many losses. The thalmor have withdrawn to their own provinces (where they are still very strong). At the border of cyrodiil and valenwood all armies of the peoples of tamriel meet. Dunmer, orsimer, nords, imperials, Redguards etc. All peoples with their king in the front line. The main character leads the whole thing. The whole thing becomes one of the most epic parts of the game. You kill all thalmor generals and the king of thalmor (which will be a very difficult fight) and return to the Open World to high rock and hammerfell. In every city you will be recognized as a hero and I don't mean like in skyrim xD (btw you have to earn the title from the beginning, like in kingdom come deliverance).


Now we get to the gameplay. There will be ship fights and dives (wreck sifting etc).skill system as in skyrim. Add to that a few more ,for example strength, because there will be a climbing system and in the beginning it will be the same as in zelda botw when it's at level 100, like in ac. Also you will be thin in the beginning and with level 100 you will be a muscleman. The combat system will be like in dark souls in terms of impact and weapon feeling (not the hard one). When you swing a 50 kilo axe, it will feel like that and the impact will be huge. You can jump when attacking. The world of tes 6 will be in hammerfell alien like – magic. (as in morrowind) high rock will be european with lots of castles and mountains. UI (menu, inventory etc) will be wine red and the writing will be like in teaser. Btw the name of the game is Redfall (but almost every xD knows that) the whole game is singleplayer with co-op function (you can play with up to 4 friends, dialog in the upper left corner logged like in f76 wastelanders). Fast travel like in Red dead redemption 2 (from the loading screen rather cinematic). There are carriages at every big city again. You can also travel by ship in the illiac bay or to the offshore islands of hammerfell. Later also to yokuda. You can set up camps with your friends all over the world like in Fallout 76 (you can also go alone). Instead of draugr there are now undead in graves. There will be a religion system, if you get a god of 9 to worship you will get certain buffs. For example if you worship Akatosh you get better stats when you shout. But you can also worship deadra which gives big buffs but also big disadvantages. Also the redguards and Bretons have their own gods e.g. the Redguards hoonding malooc etc.

The graphic Will be photorealistic, through new technologies (photogrammetry) NPCs will be scanned in real life and inserted into the game.

-Rebuild dark brotherhood with new refugees etc (you have to make the brotherhood big again) -Sword singer (a kind of warrior guild) -The normal warriors guild -The Mages Guild -The psyjic order -Orsinium -Arenas (as gladiator) -Yokuda dlc -Thieves' Guild -vampire or vampire hunter -Ash'abah group -The crowns -The Forebears -and a few more knights "guilds" in highrock (you cannot join all at the same time as some are enemies of each other).

The game comes in November 2024, Elder Scrolls 7 coming in 2034.

I am not a Lore Master, so correct me if anything is wrong

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