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First off, I just want to point out that this wouldn't make much sense with the current three banners war, and this is just me wondering how the city could have been used for an online setting.

In light of the Imperial City Event, here's my take on what I would have wanted to see be done with the city.

I would love to hear what ideas you have for the city, or ways this could be improved on because I'm sure that it can.

Major Details

  1. FREE, not DLC. In order for this to make any sense, the entire server would need access to the city, or else it would be fairly pointless.
  2. It's MASSIVE. Each district would feel like a city on its own, with around 20- 50 buildings in each.

The Districts

Each district will have its own feel, and purpose in the city. Each will feel unique and interesting, while also fitting in with the architecture of the city itself.


The Imperial City is the heart of Tamriel, and it should feel like it.

The Market District would be the most important one here. Instead of NPC owned shops, each building and shop would be owned by a guild. With this in mind, the economy would, of course, be controlled through the competition throughout the city itself.

Inside these shops would of course vary on the amount the guild wants to put into it. They could decorate the shop with items that best represent their guilds, and have shelves that can be interacted with to display the guild store, while of course still having the shop owner be the same as they are.

These shops are expensive to run and own, as they are in a VERY popular and visited district. Certain shops would be more expensive than others, for example, shops closer to the city gates would have higher customers, therefore more expensive to run, while shops near the center or farther back and harder to get to would be less expensive to run.

These shops need active members running them. If the guild can't keep up with maintaining the shop, then they get a warning that they will lose the shop, and that it will go to the next likely guild that wants it.

I feel that this would add a lot of dynamic change throughout the city, and could make wanting to be the top guild mean something.


This one is a lot simpler than the market district. This is the residential district for the rich players that can afford the high price houses. These houses of course could get you easy travel into the city, and be a status symbol for the people that can afford them. Who doesn't want to own a manor in the city?


This one is my favorite idea here. The idea here is that the top PvP/PvE players would be pitted up against each other for PvP players, or tough bosses for PvE players.

Once a day, there would be a PVP Arena Event, where the two top PvP players online at that time would fight against each other for rare items, high rewards, and so on.

Other players would be able to sit in the stands and watch these players fight, and bet gold on who they believe will win.


Similarily, the Arena would hold a major PvE event once a week, where players who believe they can fight the toughest bosses and challenges could test their might against some of the strongest PvE enemies the Arena can offer. The challenger will fight three rounds, with each enemy voted for by other players watching and betting on the event.


This would be a simpler district, with the basic necessities that all cities have, with basic merchants and shops, all of the crafting stations, and some special set stations only available to those who have completed challenges brought by the Arena Events.


This one is another simpler one. It would house a giant temple, where all of the shrines necessary for class rebuilding would be available. You could take jobs for the temple, and earn daily rewards and rare motifs.

This would also be a place where players could get married, but if you get married within the temple, you get 25% more bonus XP than getting married somewhere else. Because of this, it cost significantly more money to get married in the temple. When this happens, the city puts on an event, where people can go and watch the wedding, and those who do could get a small XP bonus for a while after.


This one I don't really know what they could do, other than have a really nice and pretty place for players to hang out and take in the beauty of what the imperial city can offer. If anyone has any ideas for this district, I would love to hear them!


This area would act as sort of the poorer area of the city, where players could purchase cheaper houses and guilds could own cheaper guildstores. It would basically be the slums of the city, and it would let players with less gold still techinally live in the city.


This one would let you have access to the Imperial Library, where you could do daily quests where you find things for the librarians, or cash in the Lore Books you find around for gold and rewards.

Finally, the White-Gold Tower would house an exclusive player home only accessible to those who have become emperor during the war. Which of course is the emperor's chambers, and even have access to sit on the Ruby Throne, if you so please. (Yes I know it doesn't make sense for the city to be thriving in the middle of a battlefield, but whatever.)

In Conclusion,

that's how I would have liked to see the Imperial City implemented into the game. I believe what he have now is okay, and fits with the narrative, but I just think it could have been so much better. Sorry for the long post, this has just been festering in my mind for a while and I figured I could share it to you all.

(Edit: added the Waterfront District)

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