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The Quests Need A Revamp

TheElderScrolls8 - The Quests Need A Revamp

So I've been spending my off time this holiday season completing my quests in both TESL and MTG Arena, and I've been realizing that I've been really enjoying the experience in one and I've been getting progressively more frustrated in the other.

Let me explain. I've always been a kitchen table Magic player, for over 20 years. I love making my own decks and playing with friends. In TESL, which I've come to love over the year and a half that I've been playing it, I've developed a pattern: push hard for rank 4 every month, then play whatever Justin Larson is playing that looks fun while getting my quests done. The deck building experience has never been fun for some reason, and it's always felt a bit of a grind.

I can't play MTGA much. I'm a mobile only player, and I only just was able to get it installed on my Chromebook so I could use some codes I had. That said, the quest experience has been a treat. The kind of quests they have, coupled with the "jank detector" that allows me to play what I want in casual without running into meta decks makes for a really fun experience. Here are Arenas quests:.

Quest Reward

Attack with 45 creatures. 750

Cast 30 black or green spells. 750

Cast 30 black or red spells. 750

Cast 30 blue or black spells. 750

Cast 30 blue or red spells. 750

Cast 40 creature spells. 750

Cast 30 green or white spells 750

Cast 30 red or white spells. 750


Cast 30 white or blue spells. 750

Kill 25 of your opponent's creatures. 750

Play 40 lands. 750

Attack with 30 creatures. 500

Cast 20 black or green spells. 500

Cast 20 black or red spells. 500

Cast 20 blue or black spells. 500

Cast 20 blue or green spells. 500

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Cast 20 blue or red spells. 500

Cast 20 creature spells. 500

Cast 20 red or green spells. 500

Cast 20 white or black spells. 500

Cast 20 white or blue spells. 500

Cast 20 white or green spells. 500

Cast 20 white or red spells. 500

Play 20 creatures. 500

Kill 15 of your opponent's creatures. 500

Play 25 lands. 500

You'll notice that few of them really require you to be successful. I've been running into an absolute ton of control recently, in casual and ranked, which means my "Change 15 creatures to beast form" and "Use 15 slay abilities" quests have been murder to complete. Here are TESLs quests, for comparison: . (too many to paste here).

Perhaps my experience has been a unique one, but I felt as if I needed to address it. I have three quests stacked up right now, and no motivation to complete them. I don't have that many resources, certainly not enough that I can afford to ignore them. It's just not been fun at all.

Thanks for listening. If you disagree, please tell me why!

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