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I wanted to help make a comprehensive list of TES races. (No, the Altmer are not Japanese) The best part of The Elder Scrolls is that most events are taken from real history, like the Septim Empire and Roman Empire. Tamriel is made of all lands around the Mediterranean (Europe, North Africa, Middle East) where as Akavir is Asia. I did plenty of research and I believe this is almost 100% accurate


Nords: The Nordic people of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland. Fierce, hardy people with a love of plundering and raiding. Heavy tradition in sailing and warcraft.

Imperials: . The Latin residents of Roman Italy. They conquered most of the known world into an empire. It would peak and decline in many points, with many dynasties coming and going.

Bretons: The French celts of Britany. The Bretons and Normans lived on the rocky shores of France. They lived in feudal kingdoms that would constant fight and war, as well as introduce espionage and assassination into the wars.

Redguards: The Mauritanian rulers of al-Andrusia. The Moors were swordsingers, and trained in the way of the blade. They left North Africa to live in Arab Iberia. Fast, slick, and seemed to be outsiders to the other races in Iberia.

Dunmer: The refugees fleeing to Israel. The Israelites fled their original home, following the prophet Moses, to their new promised land. But after disaster and invasion, they fled in an exodus to far corners of earth, where they’d be treated like second class citizens.

Bosmer: The Celtic people of Northern Europe. The Celts were a group of people from Turkey to Iberia. They thrives in the woodlands of Germany and Poland. They had animalistic beliefs and shamanic rituals. Far from their Irish and Scottish counterparts, these celts were more docile and were ruled by many empires, such as the Romans, the Franks, the HRE, and the British.

Altmer: The Iranian people of the isolated east. The Persians lived in the isolated valleys and deserts of Iran. They were cut off from most cultures and developed their own. They expanded their will on their neighbors, and had a superiority complex as they watched their empire grow.

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Khajiit: The desert nomads of the Sahara. The Berbers are a people that conquered the harsh deserts with trade and camels. They connected Carthage, Ghana, Mali, Arabic, Nubia, and Egypt along their routes. They were seen as lowly people, and weren’t trusted by city dwellers. No one wanted a dirty wanderer to talk about their religion or culture.


Argonians: A mix of the slaves. The Slavs are the reason we have the word slave. These Eastern Europeans served under Rome. The lucky ones stayed deep in the forest and mountains, staying true to their culture. The Kongolese lived in the Knog rainforest of Africa. They developed a strong cultural bond with the woodlands, and could survive the deadly plagues within. They were here eventually conquered by King Leopold of Belgium and enslaved.

Orcs: The barbarians who swept through Europe. The Huns, Visigoths, and Vandals raided through Europe and the Roman Empire. They were seen as savages by most. They had few organized settlements, the only safe one being in the mountains of Hungary. The Vandals and Goths raider Rome to the ground through savagery and cunning.

Snow Elves: The icy people of the far north. The Sami lived in Scandinavia before the Germanic and Nordic peoples. They are extremely present in Iceland and Finland. They bare an ancient and distinct culture that is nearly dead.

Sload: Possibly the people of the Black Sea due to them bringing forth the Bubonic Plague from their ships heading for Europe.


Tsaesci: The isolated islanders of Asia. The Japanese lived in an lonely archipelago. They developed their “superior culture” away from the world. They killed those who were imperfect, and attacked those they saw as unequals.

Ka Po Tun: The residents of the Middle Kingdom. The Chinese were always in constant flux. They would continually create an empire and break apart. They were subject to raids from Japan. They, however, would eventually rise up against their rivals and win the wars.

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Tang-Mo: The Koreans of the island dotted peninsula. The Koreans lived in constant fear of invasion. Between the Mongol invasions and the Japanese Navy, they were only safe in their home. Their, they’d find the strength to fight back, even getting help from their Chinese cousins.

Kamal: The infamous horsemen of the steppes. The Mongolians were seen as the worst threat to the world. They conquered and raided throughout Eurasia.

That’s about it. If you made it this far, give some of your ideas and thoughts. Remember to give this an orange arrow.

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