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The Ranked Ladder – Yet Another Pointless Rant

TheElderScrolls4 - The Ranked Ladder - Yet Another Pointless Rant

Hey everyone, sort-of-noob here. I started playing TESL a few months ago and after a few months of going through the motions of getting 10500G to unlock every story and every collection, last month I finally started playing in the competitive ladder.

Up until that point, I had been playing exclusively in casual for no more than 7 games a day. My only other real engagement with the game were the occasional twitch streams that I joined and a few choice youtube videos. So, going into the ladder, I was very excited to finally really experience the game for the first time. And I have to say, I was immensely disappointed. While I may be a complete noob as far as TESL goes, I have had quite the experience with other card games like Hearthstone, Yu-Gi-Oh! and others and my expectations were quite high. To lay my expectations bare, what I expected was a genuine improvement in player skill and deck strength with an exponential progression across ranks.

What I was instead met with were horrible decks piloted by horrible players all across the ladder with the occasional good player playing a good deck to break the monotony of it all. The only real difference between them was that said horrible decks happened to have better quality, rarer cards in them. Is this a rant about "TESL taking no skill omg pay2win?!??!?!one" ? No. Absolutely not. Even with a budget deck, it has (for the most part) been smooth sailling for me, easily maintaning a 70% + winrate so what's my issue? The lack of genuine competition, which I believe stems from the lack of appropriate rewards.


The only real incentives that you have are:

  • A playset of exclusive, rare cards.
  • What seem to be better 3-wins rewards.
  • A card back
  • A Discord role

Other than that, you get nothing for your troubles. The exclusive cards are for the most part either garbage or belong in a complete meme deck, which would have been fine if they were not rewards for actually being good at the game. I could not find any evidence to support the second bullet point, other than anecdotal evidence, reward number 3 is a one-time reward and the Discord Role, while neat, is not something the average joe will care about or actively pursuit. With those points in mind, why would I not just get to rank 4 or 1 to get my monthly reward and then mess about with really, really bad decks?

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If you made it this far, I want to thank you for reading through this unstructured mess of a word wall.

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