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The Second week of ESOInktober!

TheElderScrolls14 - The Second week of ESOInktober!

The second week of ESOInktober has passed, I continue to like the whole challenge process. This is the creation of their art, and a comparison with the ideas of other artists.

Last week, 7 more topics from the list that was published by the developers were completed. Here is what I managed to create for this week:

Day 7: Plague

4zzb5el41is31 - The Second week of ESOInktober!

I depicted how the Peryite cultists ask their Lord to give them his gifts in the sanctuary. A poisonous cloud in the shape of the Lord Epidemic flies out of the sanctuary and gathers over the city.

Day 8: Meridia

moh5edf61is31 - The Second week of ESOInktober!

The mistress of endless light energies destroys the minions of darkness with light, and the light turns into sharp crystal blades in her hands!

Day 9: Nirnroot

ewcrtvk31is31 - The Second week of ESOInktober!

Two alchemist magicians saw (and I think they heard) the Nirnroot growing under the bridge. I think – they were glad to get such an ingredient for potions and to study right on the road!

Day 10: Scale

20wkm2zb1is31 - The Second week of ESOInktober!

On art is a chain-locked dragon Boziikkodstrun, who was captured by Molag Bal to study and penetrate the secrets of the creation and essence of dragons.

He caught him, chained him and tortured him in Coldharbour. In the picture next to the dremora lies the dragon's scales, which they stripped from it (for the sake of study or for the sake of the dragon's pain, it is not known). In the end – because the dragon did not give up after torture – Molag Bal began to devour his flesh, and from the remains of the dragon created the first Daedric Titan. Such was the fate of the scaly giant dragon. In his greatness, he fell into the hands of the Lord of Enslavement and was killed.


I read all the information in a wonderful book in ESO – "Daedra Dossier: The Titans."

Day 11: Molag Bal

poptyyzc1is31 - The Second week of ESOInktober!

There was an idea to show all the power of the chains of the Dark Anchors of Molag Bal. As a result – something strange, black:D

Day 12: Prophet

evb3zmyd1is31 - The Second week of ESOInktober!

The Elder Scroll bisects the life of the Prophet – on the left is his present existence, on the right is the past. On the Scroll I painted spots. The spots of the faces of Varen himself, the silhouette of Mannimarco, the symbols of the Amulet of Kings and the Hourglass of Akatosh, the horned head of Molag Bal himself.

Against the background of Varen, there is the Imperial City, what remains of it during the Planemeld, and what it is in the light of time.

Day 13: Troll

hlnsuste1is31 - The Second week of ESOInktober!

So the second week of October passed, Inktober continues to give ideas for the next artworks in my head)

Thank you for your attention, if someone wants to see my other work, here are the links to my accounts:
mekorranian - The Second week of ESOInktober!
Pavel Shipilin - The Second week of ESOInktober!

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