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For some reason I got interested in thinking about the various symbols in the games. They are all very interesting, especially the front cover art. I love whoever the graphic designer is for Elder Scrolls because the designs are beautiful. Let's dive in.

Let's start with the game cover designs. It wasn't until Morrowind that the game cover had a specific symbol as it's design however.
Here is the Morrowind cover design:

fceabdafa769b0a97eff0b581edf51b6 - The symbols of Elder Scrolls Games

Morrowind Logo and
morrowind logo - The symbols of Elder Scrolls GamesMorrowind Cover

The Morrowind logo is interesting. It takes the
Imperial Dragon and puts it inside a triangle representing the
il 570xN.1592328450 sxyp - The symbols of Elder Scrolls Games
Almsivi Tribunal. The hand in that image has been replaced with the Imperial Dragon. The Tribunal/Almsivi triangle as the Daedric symbols for Alma, Seht, and Vekh in the corners, representing Almalexia, Sotha Sil, and Vivec.

This symbol works beautifully for the game Morrowind. In the game there is tension between the Empire and the province of Morrowind. It makes a lot of sense.

Then there are the Morrowind expansions

220px The Elder Scrolls III   Bloodmoon Coverart - The symbols of Elder Scrolls Games

Bloodmoon and
latest?cb=20160815160349 - The symbols of Elder Scrolls GamesTribunal.

The Bloodmoon logo once again has the triangle around the image, but inside it includes a stylized wolf. The Tribunal logo is the Almsivi symbol. The hand in the middle is the Hand of Almalexia, if I am not mistaken.

The Oblivion Cover

Oblivion is a super simple symbol to decode. It's the Daedric letter "oht". Oht or "O" for oblivion.

Oblivion Expansions

Knights of the Nine featured a diamond with nothing in the middle. The Knights of the Nine diamond is a stylized version of the
File:OB KotN KnightErrantIcon - The symbols of Elder Scrolls Games
Knight Errant rank given in the faction. The symbol originates from the War of the Red Diamond, a symbol from the ruling family.

Then there is
The Elder Scrolls IV Shivering Isles DVD English NTSC f - The symbols of Elder Scrolls Games

Shivering Isles. The logo is a recreation of the Shivering Isles entrance and likely represents Mania/Dementia with the middle face being a combination of the two. This logo is great because it represents the madness of Sheogorath/Jyggalag.

Then the Skyrim cover we all know

220px The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim cover - The symbols of Elder Scrolls Games

Skyim has the imperial dragon as it's logo, albeit a little beaten up. It is the "seal of akatosh" and in game it definitely works multiple ways. It signals the prominence of dragons to the storyline and represents the Empire in the province of Skyrim.

Skyrim Expansions

The expansions didn't have a stylized cover like Skyim and largely just included faces, however there are a few logos that "define" those expansions. There is the
100px SR banner Dawnguard - The symbols of Elder Scrolls Games

Dawnguard banner is a sun rising that looks like a shield.

Dragonborn revisited some logos from Bloodmoon from Morrowind.

Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online Logo - The symbols of Elder Scrolls Games

Elder Scrolls Online logo is an ouroboros consisting of an eagle, lion, and dragon all eating each other's tails. The ouroboros symbol in history referred to the endless cycle of destruction/creation, life/death, birth/death/rebirth. The use of a lion, eagle, and dragon are interesting and connected to the three factions in ESO. I haven't played ESO, but it looks like it matches up with the following:
100px ON icon Daggerfall Covenant - The symbols of Elder Scrolls Games
Daggerfall Covenant=Lion,
100px ON icon Ebonheart Pact - The symbols of Elder Scrolls Games
Ebonheart Pact=Dragon, and
100px ON icon Aldmeri Dominion - The symbols of Elder Scrolls Games
Aldmeri Dominion=Eagle.

I am coming to find that I love looking at the logos, symbols and designs of the Elder Scrolls series. Does anyone know of a symbol dump somewhere that has all of the logos and their meanings with them? I can think of the
a279537fc7becb8d017f80630b7e6af3 - The symbols of Elder Scrolls Games

Skyrim Hold logos or the houses of Morrowind:
MW banner House Hlaalu - The symbols of Elder Scrolls Games
MW banner House Telvanni - The symbols of Elder Scrolls Games
Telvanni, and
MW banner House Redoran - The symbols of Elder Scrolls Games
Redoran. Then you have the
44585aaae25a1206b03b2d424ea24d4f - The symbols of Elder Scrolls Games
shadowmarks used by the Thieves Guild in Skyrim.

I would love to find a place where all the logos are located. Or if we can't find it, let's build it here. This may be more of a lore thing, but these logos are awesome.

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