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The system for getting Emperor desperately needs a revamp.

TheElderScrolls3 - The system for getting Emperor desperately needs a revamp.

First of all, this is speaking from my experience of Cyrodiil on the PC-EU server. I have no idea if it's like this on the other servers.

I have been playing Cyrodiil since October last year. I am on EP, and mainly play on Kalgrontiid (formerly Vivec) but I occassionally play on the 7 day campaign (formerly Shor, can't remember what it's called now.)

Vivec was always kind of a toxic waste dump. It got slightly better when it became Kalgrontiid and the 30 day faction lock was introduced (but that didn't eliminate all relogging trolls, unfortunately) but we still have a problem with people who basically play Cyrodiil just to farm AP without actually fighting, taking keeps, or doing anything.

We call it "leeching AP." "Leechers" are never really seen fighting or sieging. They will quite literally run through the open doors of a keep while the flags are turning, get the AP tick, then run out of the door again to move onto the next location. Sometimes you find them in sneak at the back of keeps.

People do this solely to get Emp. There are several users on Vivec/Kalgrontiid who already have Emperor (and Grand Overlord) but still grind specifically to get Emp and stay as Emp for the entire campaign. It's always the same people, they always have had Emp before, and I can't figure out why they do it. Is it for bragging rights? I just don't get why you'd spend so much of your time grinding for something you already have the achievement, title, costume etc for.

This is an issue because if you want to get the Emp achievement, it's near impossible, especially if you like to sleep and take breaks. Unless you are playing the game literally all day and night, your chances are slim to nothing, especially if it's not the first few days of the campaign.

At it's current state, it's impossible to get Emp purely just by playing the game. You have to be actively AP grinding. You have to be aware of when the other users are actively grinding or not.

Some people say "just go to Shor (or whatever it's called now) to get Emp, it's easy!" but that's not true – Shor has the same problem. Same people grinding for Emp, slim chances unless you literally dedicate a week of your whole life to it.


I've been told (though, can't actually confirm this) that some of the "usual suspects" in Emp grinding on Kalgrontiid can be paid in gold to step down to let other people have a chance.

This system is clearly unfair to both newer users, and anyone who wants Emperor but doesn't play Cyrodiil for 20 hours a day.

I have a few suggested changes to the system that I believe would make it more balanced, without taking away from users who do actually play the game.

  1. Players should only get offensive and defensive ticks if they actively contributed to the keep/resource capture, by sieging, fighting, etc. You shouldn't be able to walk up to a keep while the flags are turning and get an 8,000 AP tick for something you didn't even help with.

  2. Limit Emperorship in some way. Make it so that once a player is dethroned, they can't re-gain Emp for a certain period of time, and the next emp is whoever is the next number down on the leaderboards.

  3. Make killing and sieging more AP worthy. I swear before Elsweyr's release, I read something saying that they'd make it so that kills would matter more for AP when it dropped – but that never happened. This was a good idea, and it would mean that the people who get the most kills make it to the top of the leaderboards, not the people who squat in the back of a keep waiting for the tick.

Rewards for sieging would also be a great idea. I don't know how it is on other alliances and servers, but on PC-EU Kalgrontiid, EP can't siege. Most EP players don't buy and use siege, and will just stand around a door jumping about. And then when you put siege down, they will use yours. If there was an incentive to siege, more people would do it.

I'd also like to hear your thoughts on this, especially if you're on a different alliance, campaign and/or server.

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