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The Third week of ESOInktober!

TheElderScrolls7 - The Third week of ESOInktober!

The third week of ESOInktober has passed, and I would like to share its results! This week there were 7 topics presented below:

14) Queen

rsu6ueb4xpt31 - The Third week of ESOInktober!

This is the Lava Queen, the greatest champion of the Blessed Crucible, the fire arena in ESO, where you can test your strength and skill with great warriors and fighters, including the Lava Queen.She is a volcano full of lava, heat and fire. She burns her enemies not even tens or hundreds, she rules them with ashes and charred bones. She is the Arena herself.

15) Serpent

tirtzd2jupt31 - The Third week of ESOInktober!

In ESO, in one of the storylines, there are quests associated with the constellation Serpent, a wandering constellation that many others cross. In the course of the plot – this time the Serpent appeared in the sky at the time of the Soulburst, arranged by Mannimarco in the Imperial city.

The Soulburst shook the celestials, and taking advantage of the weakness of other constellations – the Mage and the Warrior, the Serpent decided to take them under his control. The art depicts just this moment.

16) Assassin

tgs8c0hyupt31 - The Third week of ESOInktober!

A member of the Dark Brotherhood had just killed some unsuccessful gentleman in the gateway:)

17) Moons

321n0of5vpt31 - The Third week of ESOInktober!

I chose the plot for the drawing, which is not specifically related to ESO, but to the universe of Elder Scrolls in general. The theme of Masser and Secunda is connected not only with the Khajiit culture, but also with such a figure as Reman I Cyrodiil.One of the editions of the Guidebook by Kirkbride writes that among all the interesting things Reman has done, there are attempts to explore Aetherius.

And in particular, to explore and even colonize the Moons – Masser and Secunda.With one hand, Reman points to the Moons, and in the other holds the helmet of a member of the "Royal Imperial Mananauts of the Elder Council".The text in this guide reflecting this information is called “Tatdermalion: Lunar Province of Secunda”.

18) Shout

1ycsf1bbvpt31 - The Third week of ESOInktober!

Of course – who can shout better than dragons? So I thought that no one, because I showed how the dragon screamed out all the offenders!In fact – I remembered the tablets of stone on the way to High Hrothgar in Skyrim, where the story of the way of the Voice was written.


Here is the text of the same tablet, the plot of which is depicted on the art:

"Emblem III – The fledgling spirits of Men were strong in the Old Times; Unafraid to war with Dragons and their Voices; But the Dragons only shouted them down and broke their hearts"
And this is result – the dragon tears the hearts of the attacking warriors.

19) Delve

jok4juzivpt31 - The Third week of ESOInktober!

I chose the direction of the spider tunnels, covered with cobwebs, dotted with cocoons.In general, he was inspired by the essence of the ESO delve called Spindleclutch. In the figure, adventurers clutch their heads, sit exhausted on the ground, which means that the Whisperer has already taken up the matter. Talking in an agonizing whisper in their heads.

Spiders are creeping closer and closer from shelters, some hero from past attacks has already been raised and eaten, only skeletons remained from other travelers – and probably these four will also go to feed the countless horde of eight-legged predators.

20) Fire

59axs7apvpt31 - The Third week of ESOInktober!

In this art i depicted several scenes of the life of one character from the TES universe. That is Sotha Sil.
In the foreground – Vivec came to save Sotha Sil – the last member of House Sotha, this was a small Dunmer House. He, along with the estate of Ald Sotha, was destroyed by Mehrunes Dagon, Lord of Destruction, and Sotha Sil was dying in the fire of ruins. But Vivec saves him.

In the background is the burning Mournhold, which was also attacked by Mehrunes Dagon. This is an event from the future life of Sotha Sil and other members of Tribunal, actually. Then he and Almalexia defeated and drove Dagon to Oblivion.


OK, this week is over, I am mainly satisfied with the results and experience gained during the work on them. Time to continue the challenge!

Thank you for your attention, if someone wants to see my other work, here are the links to my accounts:ArtStation:
mekorranian - The Third week of ESOInktober!
Pavel Shipilin - The Third week of ESOInktober!

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