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The Two Kinds of Dragonborn

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There are those who have postulated whether or not the Last Dragon Born ought to be the Emperor.

However, I believe that this misses a pattern we see in Dragonborns throughout history, namely that there are two kinds of Dragonborn, and only one kind is meant to build an Empire. When we look at Allessia, Reman, and Talos, we see these Dragonborn emperors, blessed by Akatosh to form Empires and rule the lands, keeping the world safe from outside threats, namely Oblivion, but also in the case of Reman, from Akavir.

However, when we look at Miraak, Wulfharth, and the LDB, we see an entirely different story playout. These are individuals who were given chances to face the World Eater and stop his tyranny and oppression, to delay the end. We see it with Miraak, who was approached by the Tongues to help them in the war agaisnt Alduin. He refused out of ambition and greed, but frequently boasts that he will inevitably kill Adluin once he deals with you(assuming you haven't killed Alduin when you first encounter him). We see it with Wulfharth, who died saving the Nords from Alduin and Orkey:

The third song of King Wulfharth tells of his death.
Lore:Orkey - The Two Kinds of Dragonborn

Orkey, an enemy god, had always tried to ruin the Nords, even in Atmora where he stole their years away. Seeing the strength of King Wulfharth, Orkey summoned the ghost of
Alduin Time-Eater again. Nearly every Nord was eaten down to six years old. Boy Wulfharth pleaded to Shor, the dead Chieftain of the Gods, to help his people. Shor's own ghost then fought the Time-Eater on the
spirit plane, as he did at the beginning of time, and he won, and Orkey's folk, the Orcs, were ruined. As Boy Wulfharth watched the battle in the sky he learned a new thu'um, What Happens When You Shake the Dragon Just So. He used this new magic to change his people back to normal. In his haste to save so many, though, he shook too many years out on himself. He grew older than the Greybeards, and died. The flames of his pyre were said to have reached the hearth of Kyne itself.

And we see it in the LDB, who literally the prophesied hero to defeat Alduin once he returns.

These Dragonborns, while still ambitious, as Miraak formed his own cult to rival the Dragons, and Wulfharth became High King, are not the ones meant to rule great Empires and Light the Dragon Fires. They are meant to fight the most dangerous aspect of Akaktosh and delay the end for as long as possible. Miraak refused this duty, has he wanted to become tyrant in place of Alduin and was condemned to be the servant of Hermaeus Mora for millennia, and to be slain by his successor. Wulfharth tried to be a Leader of the Nords multiple times after his death, but each time he was defeated, and made low, once at Red Mountain, once when he was forced to serve/fight alongside Almalexia, and once when he was deceived and imprisoned by Talos. Though I believe the main difference between Wulfharth and Miraak was that Wulfharth mainly sought vengeance and destruction, rather then abject power, but his desires went against his role in fighting Adluin, for it merely replaced one destructive World Eater with another. These Dragonborns have their role, and when they try to go beyond it, they are struck down.

It is a though Akatosh has drawn a demarcation between certain aspects of himself. These will be the leaders of mortals, these will be the Banes of Alduin. But when they go against their paths, they are denied.

Any thoughts on this theory?

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